India’s Best Dancer 3 Contestant Aniket Chauhan Bio, Wiki and Others

Terence Lewis, a dancer, and director, compared India’s Best Dancer 3 contestant Aniket Chauhan to the famous actor and comedian Charlie Chaplin. He said that if Chaplin were a dancer, his moves would be like Aniket’s. Read on to find more information about dancer.

Aniketh Chauhan

Aniket Chauhan Bio/Wiki

Aniket Chauhan is a dancer and choreographer with a YouTube channel where he shares his dance videos and tutorials. He has also participated in dance competitions, such as “India‘s Best Dancer”. Aniket Chauhan has conducted dance workshops as well. There is no information available about his age, family, education, or career history.

Aniket Chauhan Bio/Wiki

Aniket Chauhan has participated in the dance reality show “India‘s Best Dancer”. He has also won the RYS Senior Category dance competition. However, there is no information available about his other notable performances in the provided search results.

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Aniket Chauhan was Praised at the Auditions

Terrence Lewis, one of the judges of India’ Best Dancer, praised the contestant and added: “The way you act, mimic and do comedy, one can see that you have lots of fun dancing and there is always a big smile on your face.

Aniket Chauhan was Praised at the Auditions

Like Charlie Chaplin, you have a similar smile on your face. He was so gifted and could capture emotions so well, he would say a lot without saying anything. You have the power to say a lot through your performance. You are the ‘Charlie Chaplin of dance’, God bless you.”

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