Who Is Hugo Related To On “Claim To Fame”? Revealed Here!

Hugo, a contestant on “Claim to Fame,” may have some American nobility in his blood, but will his co-stars be able to figure out who he is? In Season 2, the not-so-famous cousins of famous people play a thrilling game called “Who’s Who” in pursuit of winning a $100,000 prize. The show, hosted by Kevin and Franklin Jonas (who are not members of the Jonas Brothers), is brimming with drama and showmanship as the players vie for victory.

Season 2 of Claim to Fame has truly lived up to its promise of A-list star reveals, including Tom Hanks’ niece Carly, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s son Travis, Dolly Parton’s niece Jada Star’s daughter Jane, and Eddie Murphy’s daughter Shayne. Among the captivating contestants is Hugo, whose relationship to fame remains a mystery. Who is Hugo related to on “Claim to Fame”? The answer is about to be revealed right here!


Who Is Hugo On Claim To Fame?

Hugo is one of the people competing on the show “Claim to Fame.” Except for Hugo, most group members in the second season of Claim to Fame have made guesses about each other that are mostly right. Hugo keeps his private life quiet when he’s not on the show. This gives him an edge because it’s harder for people to learn about him. This secret could help him get further in the race, or at the very least; it will keep the other Season 2 cast members guessing.

Who Is Hugo Related To On “Claim To Fame”?

In the second season of Claim to Fame, most cast members have guesses about each other that are at least close to the truth. On the other hand, Hugo is already ahead of the game because no one knows who he is related to. It comes down to his lie that his grandfather was a great athlete, confusing most other contestants.

Because it turns out Hugo’s grandpa on Claim to Fame is Jimmy Carter, the 39th president of the United States. Hugo’s hints about his “grandfather” and “Nobel Peace Prize” are right on the money about who he is connected to.

Hugo’s private life isn’t very well known outside of the show, but since people don’t know much about him, he could do well on the show. Or at least they need to learn more about the Season 2 cast member.

Hugo’s mother is Amy Carter, the youngest daughter of Jimmy Carter. James Wentzel is Hugo’s dad. He works as an IT expert. Because Amy stays out of the spotlight, even though she is known for her action and for illustrating a children’s book, not much is known about Hugo besides his famous family ties. He is also in his early twenties, which makes him one of the younger people in the group of Claim to Fame.

Who Is Hugo Related To On Claim To Fame

Hugo Is Former President Jimmy Carter’s Grandson

Hugo is the grandson of former president Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn. Jane was right. Hugo’s mom is Amy Carter Wentzel, the daughter of President Carter. She married Gregory Wentzel in 1996; in 1999, she had a son named Hugo James Wentzel. Later, they got a divorce, and she is now married to John Joseph “Jay” Kelly. According to his Instagram page, Hugo lives in Georgia, where the Carter family is from.

As the battle for Claim to Fame heats up, the contestants might figure out who Hugo is. Jane may or may not have told anyone else about her idea before she left. Chris still thought Hugo was connected to Buzz Aldrin in episode 4, but he also said Hugo could be related to a president. Hugo has done a great job hiding who he is, so he may make it to the end and win season 2 of Claim to Fame.

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