Who Is Gabriel Related To On Claim To Fame: The Clues Revealed!

The reality TV show “Claim To Fame” has returned for its second season, promising exciting twists and turns as twelve celebrity relatives compete to keep their famous family connections a secret. One of the competitors, Gabriel, has sparked curiosity among viewers about the identity of his favourite relative. This article delves into the clues provided and reveals who Gabriel is related to in “Claim To Fame.”

Who Is Gabriel Related To On Claim To Fame: The Clues

 In the first episode of the season, Gabriel shared three clues about his famous relative. However, one of these clues is intentionally false, making it challenging for the houseguests and viewers to determine his connection accurately. Gabriel initially stated that his relative is his brother, who has received an NAACP award. He also mentioned that he looks nothing like his famous family member.


Claim To Fame Gabriel Relation Revealed

 Contrary to what many housemates and viewers may have guessed based on Gabriel’s height, his famous relative is not an athlete. According to Parade, In a surprising twist, Gabriel is the brother of the show’s host, Nick Cannon. While Gabriel may not resemble Nick physically, he shares a close bond with his brother and is vibrant and outgoing.


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Will Gabriel’s Secret Be Revealed?

As the season progresses, the question remains whether the other contestants or the viewers will successfully uncover Gabriel’s connection to Nick Cannon. Gabriel’s success in the game relies on his ability to maintain his deceptive strategy and convince others of his false identity. Only time will tell if Gabriel can outwit his competitors and safeguard his secret throughout the season.

Gabriel’s Background

 Gabriel, actively pursuing a music career and conducting YouTube interviews, has garnered a positive response from fans. Many admire his joyful and loving nature, expressing support and blessings for his journey. Despite being part of a famous family, Gabriel brings his unique energy to the show, captivating the viewers and his fellow housemates.



 “Claim To Fame” contestant Gabriel has sparked intrigue among viewers with the mystery surrounding his famous relative. While his clues initially led many to believe he was related to an athlete, it was revealed that Gabriel’s brother is none other than the show’s host, Nick Cannon. As Gabriel navigates the game, keeping his true identity under wraps, fans eagerly await the unfolding drama and the ultimate revelation of his connection to Nick Cannon on “Claim To Fame.”

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