Who Is American Idol 21 Winner Iam Tongi? His Wiki, Bio, Family, Career And More!

Iam tongi, aka william tongi quickly became a fan favorite during season 21 of american idol. Iam’s audition for the show went viral and won viewers’ hearts. He is from hawaii. He made it to hollywood week, and his performances have been praised for being strong. Judge luke bryan was moved to tears by iam’s audition, in which he paid a heartfelt tribute to his late father.

People are talking about iam’s journey on american idol on social media, and his audition video has been watched millions of times on youtube. He has been working on building his confidence and showing off his skills as a singer and songwriter. Iam tongi has captivated audiences with his emotional performances and exciting story. After the thrilling grand finale, lam was named american idol season 21 winner. In this article, we tell you everything about the winner of season 21. His wiki, bio, family, career, and more!


Iam Tongi Bio

Name William Tongi
Full Name Iam Tongi
Age 18 years old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Mother’s name Lana Heike
Religion Christian
Father  name Rodney Guy Tongi
Mother name Lillie N Rodney Tongi
Siblings 3
Date of Birth 1 September 2004
Birth Place Kahuku, Hawaii
Education Kat Kahuku High & Intermediate School and Decatur High School
Lived in Federal Way, Washington, America
Marital Status Unmarried
Net worth $500 k
Height 5’7”
Weight 104 kg

Iam Tongi: Early Life And Education 

Iam tongi, born on september 1, 2004, in kahuku, hawaii. Which is on the island of oahu. He moved to seattle three years ago because he was “priced out of paradise.” his dad’s name was rodney guy tongi. Lillie n. Rodney tongi is the name of tongi’s mother. He goes to decatur high school, which is in the washington city of federal way. Iam’s great audition was shared on the official facebook page for the show, which said, “proud of this amazing gator! Yitadee!!”


Iam Tongi: Family Details

His dad’s name was rodney guy tongi, and he died on december 28, 2021, at 50. Lillie n. Rodney tongi is the name of tongi’s mother tongi comes from a big family. He has 12 brothers and sisters, including nau, pule, william, vakameilalo, eni, kj, verona, manatau, alopa, and tevita. Tongi also released a song called “dreams” in 2020. Rodney tongi, iam tongi’s father, was also a singer and helped him want to be a musician.

Iam Tongi: Family Details

Rodney, Iam’s father, died a few months before Iam went in for his audition. Iam says that his father got him interested in music. After his audition aired, Iam posted a picture on Instagram from his father’s grave and wrote,

“I Got That Golden Ticket, Dad. Wish You Were Here.”

Iam Tongi: Career

Iam tongi is a talented singer, songwriter, and reality tv star. In february 2023, a video of his audition for american idol season 21 went viral, which brought him to the public’s attention. In the fifth grade, he started learning to play the ukulele. Later, he picked up the guitar and became good at both.

Iam Tongi Full Performance & Story | American Idol Auditions Week 1 2023 S21E01

Iam tongi’s emotional audition on american idol, where he sang james blunt’s “Monsters,” touched the hearts of millions of viewers and moved the judges. Because of his skill and honesty, he was chosen as one of the top 24 contestants. Throughout the competition, tongi’s performances showed off his talent, which made him a fan favorite and earned him praise from both the judges and the crowds.

Iam Tongi & James Blunt: Super Emotional Duet of "Monsters" Makes Idol History - American Idol 2023

In the top 26 and top 20 rounds, he sang “Don’t let go” by spawnbreezie and “The winner takes it all” by abba. When he was told he was safe, he moved on to the top 12 round, where he sang “What a wonderful world” by louis armstrong.

William also did great in the later rounds, and he made it to the final. He sang three songs, including his newest one, and got the most votes, making him the winner. He was the first person from hawaii to do this.

Iam Tongi win american idol season 21

Iam Tongi: Social Media Sensation

Iam’s social media numbers went up a lot after his fantastic performance. Now, more than 587 k people follow him on Instagram. He has over 336,000 followers on Tiktok, and over 1.2 million people have liked his videos.

Iam Tongi: Girlfriend

Iam tongi’s relationship status is a secret about his private life. He has also kept his relationship status a secret, so no one knows if he is currently dating someone. So, we can assume that he is not married and single.

Iam Tongi Net Worth

According to wikiofcelebs lam tongi’s estimated net worth is $450,000. His primary way to make money is through music. Now that he’s famous, he wants to become a prominent music artist soon. He also plans to release new music and perform in front of a large crowd.

According to Cheatsheet  he win a prize of $250,000 and a recording contract with the label hollywood records or 19 recordings. As the winner of american idol in 2023, he got these benefits.

Exciting Facts About Iam Tongi

  • Tongi is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter and reality tv personality.
  • Iam’s audition on american idol season 21 went viral and amassed millions of views, bringing the judges to tears with his emotional cover of james blunt’s “monsters”.
  • Tongi’s father, rodney, was his inspiration for following his passion for music, but unfortunately, he passed away a few months before his american idol audition.
  • Iam rose to fame after his impressive audition on american idol season 21 in february 2023.
  • Tongi is known for writing folk-indie love songs that captivate his audience.
  • Iam is a talented musician who plays the guitar and ukulele.
  • Tongi’s audition on american idol season 21 was highly emotional and touched hearts all across the country.

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