Who Is Kelley Flanagan’s Boyfriend? Exploring Love Life Of The Bachelor’s Star!

Kelley Flanagan has been in the spotlight since she appeared in season 24 of The Bachelor. Known for her candid personality and sharp wit, Kelley quickly became a fan favorite among viewers. While her journey to find love with Peter Weber may have ended with heartbreak, Kelley has continued to captivate audiences with her charm and humor.


One question that many fans have been asking is: who is Kelley Flanagan’s boyfriend? As a popular public figure, Kelley’s personal life has often been the subject of speculation and rumors. In this article, we’ll look closer at who Kelley Flanagan is dating, their relationship history, and the future of this dynamic couple.

Who Is Kelley Flanagan’s Boyfriend?

Kelley Flanagan, a well-known alum of The Bachelor, has taken to Instagram to reveal her new romantic partner, Ari Raptis. The announcement comes shortly after her split from Peter Weber, another prominent figure from the reality TV show. Flanagan’s Instagram post showcased a stunning photo of the couple dressed in elegant attire at her sister’s wedding in Palm Beach, Florida. As fans eagerly await more information about Kelley Flanagan’s boyfriend, Ari Raptis, let’s delve into what we know.

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Kelley Flanagan’s Instagram Reveal

According to USMagazine, Kelley Flanagan made her new relationship official by sharing an Instagram picture with Ari Raptis. The photo captures the couple looking glamorous, with Flanagan wearing a one-shoulder black gown and Raptis in a classic tuxedo. Flanagan accompanied the picture with three red heart emojis, expressing her affection for her new partner.

With her new boyfriend, Ari Raptis, Flanagan embarks on a fresh chapter in her romantic journey. While limited information is available about Raptis, fans eagerly anticipate learning more about the man who has captured Flanagan’s heart.

The captivating photo was taken at Flanagan’s sister’s wedding at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida. The event was a special occasion for Flanagan to introduce Raptis to her close family and friends. The stunning backdrop of the wedding adds to the significance of the moment captured in the picture.

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber’s Journey

According to etonline, Flanagan’s new relationship comes after her breakup with Peter Weber in April. According to a source, the couple parted due to long-distance challenges and recognizing their differences. Despite the separation, they still hold respect for each other as individuals.

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Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber met during Weber’s season of The Bachelor, which aired in 2020. Although Weber broke up with Flanagan during the season, they reunited in April 2020 after his relationships with Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett didn’t work out. However, their relationship faced its ups and downs, leading to a split in 2021.

The Split between Flanagan and Weber

Following their breakup, Flanagan said she would not maintain contact with Weber and revealed that their separation had occurred on onerous terms. On his Bachelors in the City podcast, Weber referred to the situation as “very calculated” but acknowledged their relationship as the best he had ever experienced.

In the summer of 2022, Flanagan and Weber rekindled their romance. However, in April 2023, they decided to end their relationship for good. While specific details surrounding their final breakup remain undisclosed, both parties have publicly acknowledged their love for each other.

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Bachelor alum Kelley Flanagan has introduced her new boyfriend, Ari Raptis, to the world following her breakup with Peter Weber. The couple’s elegant photo taken at Flanagan’s sister’s wedding signifies a significant moment in their relationship. As fans continue to support Flanagan, they eagerly await further details about her newfound love, Ari Raptis, and wish her happiness in this new chapter of her life.

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