Who Is Comedian Matt Rife Girlfriend? Exploring His Current And Past Relationships?

Matt Rife is an American actor and comedian originally from Ohio. He is best known for his self-produced comedy features such as “Only Fans” (2021), “Matthew Steven Rife” (2023), and “Walking Red Flag” (2023). He gained some recognition through his stand-up comedy and appearances on television shows. He was notably a cast member on the comedy show “Wild ‘N Out,” which aired on MTV.

He began his journey in stand-up comedy at the age of 14, amassing a substantial following and fan base over time. However Matt Rife is quite handsome and many of his fans especially girls are eager to learn about Matt Rife’s love life. They want to know who Matt Rife’s girlfriend is. In this article, we will provide information about Matt Rife’s romantic life.

Matt Rife

Who Is Matt Rife Girlfriend?

According to Page Six, Matt Rife is currently dating Jessica Lord. Previously he was once in a relationship with the talented American actress Kate Beckinsale. While they were together, their relationship got a lot of attention. In 2017, they went out together and were seen kissing in public at a movie theatre on a date. Their relationship got a lot of attention because it seemed like they were very into each other. But, like many relationships, theirs had its ups and downs, and after dating for a while, they chose to stop seeing each other.

Who Is Matt Rife Girlfriend.?

Who Is Jessica Lord?

Jessica Lord is an English actress and dancer. In the 2010s, Lord played Lola on the TV show “The Next Step.” She was also in an episode of “Ransom” in 2019 and “Party of Five” in 2020. Lord’s most famous role to date is as Lena Grisky in the TV show “Find Me in Paris.” TV Guide says that Lord is from Rochdale, Manchester, England, and is also a trained dancer. Lord has shown she can perform before, like when she shared a clip of herself doing a sultry dance routine on Instagram in June 2023. The action-thriller movie “Murder at Hollow Creek” is one of Lord’s future projects.

Who Is Jessica Lord

Matt Rife: Dating History

Matt Rife And Kate Beckinsale

Kathrin Romany Beckinsale is an established English actress. They met through a friend they both had. They started to flirt immediately and went on their first date soon after. Even though they were a lot younger than each other, they weren’t shy about their friendship.

They were often seen kissing, like outside the Villa Lounge in West Hollywood, California. They got together after Kate broke up with her ex-husband, Lens Wiseman. They had been together for a long time. Rife and Kate Beckinsale were last seen together in 2018 at a Dave Chappelle show. But in August 2017, they broke up.

Matt Rife And Kate Beckinsale

Lucy Hale And Matt Rife

Matt is alleged to have been in a romantic relationship with Lucy Hale. Lucy Hale was born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States, on June 14, 1989. Matt is six years younger than her. It needs to be clarified if they dated or how long they were with each other.

Lucy Hale And Matt Rife

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