Who Is Red Sexyy? All About The Rapper Drake Called His ‘Rightful Wife’!

Sexyy Red is an American rapper. She garnered mainstream attention after releasing “Pound Town” in January 2023, which was later remixed by Nicki Minaj. In July 2023, Drake posted photos of himself cuddling with Red, whom he called his “Rightful Wife.” Red secured her first Billboard charting song with 2023’s “Pound Town,” which left Drake forgetting about Rihanna, Sophie Brussaux, and every other woman he’s dated.

As she continues to break boundaries and defy expectations, Sexyy Red’s journey is just beginning, and the world eagerly awaits what she has in store next. With her powerful voice, magnetic stage presence, and a string of hit songs under her belt, Red Sexyy is poised to become a true legend in the world of rap.

In this article, we tell you everything about All About The Rapper Drake Called His ‘Rightful Wife. Let’s Find Out more about sexxy Red.

sexxy Red and darke kiss

Where Is Sexyy Red From?

Sexyy Red was born on April 15, 1998, in St. Louis, where she grew up. She told Complex at the start of 2023.

They be saying, ‘Oh, she’s ghetto. She dusty.’ But I’m really a product of my environment. If they go where I’m from, I’m clean out there. They think I’m dusty? Oh, this is clean. So it’s just real.”

“I like St. Louis rappers,” she said. “I like to listen to rap music. When you go to a party in my city, they play music from all the St. Louis singers. People from St. Louis only listen to other people from St. Louis. Even though no one else knows about it, I’m like, “Damn, they’re tight.” But I’m the one everyone in the city can see. But we have a lot of rap artists whose music I like.”

Red told Complex that her name comes from the fact that she always had red hair and wore red clothes in middle school. Her cameraman suggested that she use the name “Sexyy” for herself.

Where Is Sexyy Red From

Sexyy Red Career As A Rapper

Sexxy Red told Complex in May 2023:

“The reason I started rapping is because my boyfriend was cheating on me with a lame-ass bitch, so I made a song about it. And I made a diss song about him and the girl and her friends,” “And then I showed my boyfriend the song, and he was like, “Dang, you straight know how to rap. You straight snap.” And I’m sitting here talking stuff about him, but he was liking it.”

Sexyy Red released her first song, “Ah Thousand Jugs,” in 2018. In 2021, she released her debut mixtape, Ghetto Superstar. One of her early hits was a new version of “Slob on My Nob,” a song about oral s*x by Three 6 Mafia. Sexyy’s music “Slob On My Ckat” is about women. In it, she says that she wants equality in the bedroom.

In January 2023, she collaborated with Tay Keith to release “Pound Town,” which later went viral on social media due to its provocative nature. In April, she was featured on NLE Choppa’s remix of “Slut Me Out.” In May, she released “Pound Town 2” featuring Nicki Minaj, which marked her first entry on the Billboard Hot 100. In June, she released the mixtape “Hood Hottest Princess.”

Sexyy Red, Nicki Minaj, & Tay Keith - Pound Town 2 [Official Audio]

Are Drake And Sexyy Red Actually Dating?

Even though Drake has called Sexyy Red his “rightful wife,” there has been no sign that they are dating. Drake is on tour with 21 Savage right now, and he has been seen with a few different women lately, but not Red. Still, some fans think that the two might be working on a project together.

Are Drake And Sexyy Red Actually Dating?

Sexxy Red Is Mom

Sexyy Red told The Face that she has a son when they talked. During the chat, Red also said she has always been independent. By the time she was 15, she was going to strip clubs.

My older sister gave me her ID and we just used to be outside every night for no reason,” she said. ​”It’d be funny because I’d come back to school and everybody just was on some lame stuff. But me, I was already going to the club, going out of town for the weekend. Even on school nights, my mom couldn’t keep me in the house. I used to be coming in at three, four o’clock in the morning on a school night, and wake up and go right to school.”

Sexxy Red Has A Massive Net Worth

According to the sources. Sexxy Red has a net worth of $4 million in 2023.

Sexxy Red Has A Massive Net Worth

Sexxy Red Social Media Accounts

Instagram 1 Million Followers Click Here
Twitter 313.5 k Followers Click Here
YouTube 173 k Subscribers Click Here

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