Days of our Lives Mystery: Unraveling the Identity of Abigail’s Killer!

Days of Our Lives, the beloved American soap opera created by Ted Corday and Betty Corday, has captivated audiences worldwide since its debut in 1965. Known as one of the longest-running television shows in history, it continues to enthrall viewers with its compelling storylines and memorable characters. In a shocking twist, the recent episodes revealed the identity of Abigail’s killer, sending shockwaves through the soap opera’s devoted fan base.

Who Killed Abigail on Days of Our Lives?

In a gripping series of flashbacks, viewers witness the dramatic encounter that led to Abigail’s untimely demise. Clyde Weston, portrayed by James Read, was revealed as the culprit responsible for her tragic fate. According to sportskeeda, The intense scene depicted a fierce argument between Clyde and Abigail, ultimately culminating in him stabbing her in the belly while wearing black gloves. This unexpected turn of events has left fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the aftermath of this chilling act.


The Plot Unveiled: Unraveling the Mystery Surrounding Abigail’s Murder

The storyline surrounding Abigail’s murder added a layer of suspense and intrigue to the overarching plot of Days of Our Lives. As the Horton family grapples with losing their beloved family member, the series delves into the repercussions of Abigail’s death and its impact on the show’s central characters.

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Chad DiMera’s Heart-Wrenching Encounter

Abigail’s husband, Chad DiMera, portrayed by an exceptional performance from the talented cast member, finds himself at the center of the tragedy. Returning home from the cinema with their children, Chad discovers Abigail stabbed and in critical condition. In a panic, he immediately contacts emergency services while applying pressure to her wound. The emotional scene showcases the raw intensity of Chad’s desperation as he fights to save his wife’s life.


Days of Our Lives Cast 

Days of Our Lives boasts a talented ensemble cast that brings the characters and their stories to life. From Deidre Hall’s portrayal of the resilient Dr. Marlena Evans to Kristian Alfonso’s embodiment of the strong-willed Hope Brady, each actor adds depth and authenticity to their respective roles. Other notable cast members include Drake Hogestyn as John Black, Alison Sweeney as Sami Brady, and James Reynolds as Abe Carver, among many others. Their performances contribute to the compelling narrative that keeps viewers hooked episode after episode.


The revelation of Abigail’s killer on Days of Our Lives has sent shockwaves through the show’s dedicated fan base. Clyde Weston’s heinous act has not only resulted in a gripping storyline but also showcased the immense talent of the show’s cast. As viewers eagerly follow the aftermath of this tragic event, the suspense and intrigue continue to make Days of Our Lives a beloved and captivating television series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who killed Abigail on Days of Our Lives?

Abigail was killed by Clyde Weston, portrayed by James Read, in a shocking turn of events on the show.

When did Days of Our Lives first air on television?

Days of Our Lives premiered on NBC in 1965, making it one of the longest-running television shows in the world.

How long are the regular episodes of Days of Our Lives?

On April 21, 1975, the show increased the duration of regular episodes from thirty to sixty minutes, providing viewers with more captivating content.

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