Who is Yolanda Saldivar’s Husband? – All About the Infamous Celebrity!

Yolanda Saldivar, born on September 19, 1960, is an American who used to work as a nurse. In 1995, she was found guilty of killing the singer Selena.

Saldivar was the head of Selena’s fan club and the manager of her boutiques, but she lost both jobs shortly before the murder when the singer’s family found out she had been stealing money from both. Saldivar was sentenced to life in prison.

Read on to find more details about the murderer and her family.

Yolanda Saldivar

Who is Yolanda Saldivar?

Yolanda used to be a nurse in the United States. In 1995, a court found her guilty of killing Selena. She was born in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States, on September 19, 1960.

Yolanda went to grade school in three different places. She first went to Kennedy High School, then Jay High School, and finally McCollom High School, where she got her diploma.

She got into the University of Texas in 1985. She later went to Palo Alto College and became a registered nurse after she finished. Yolanda is one of Frank and Juanita Saldivar’s seven children.

She was in charge of Selena’s fan club and ran her stores. She lost both jobs, though, not long before she killed her.

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Yolanda Saldivar

How did Yolanda meet Selena?

Selena met Yolanda at a show in 1991. Her niece was a childhood friend of the singer. She was a new nurse at the time, and she offered to start the Selena Fan Club.

She was able to join the Quintanilla family in the end. She won their love and trust, and Selena considered her a close friend and confidante.

Who is Yolanda Saldivar married to?

As per the sources, the nurse had never been married. Her parents and brothers are the only people she is close to and knows well.


Other Family Members of Yolanda Saldivar

Frank Saldívar is the father of Yolanda. He made music records and ran a recording studio. In 1971, he moved his family to Lake Jackson, Texas, so that he could start a record label. He was also the head chef at Jacala, a Mexican restaurant. The West End was where it was.

Juanita Saldívar is her mother. She was born and raised in the Mexican town of Nuestra Senora del Refugio. She worked at home and cared for her husband. Since her daughter was found guilty, she has spent all her time remembering her. She started the Selena Foundation. Hispanic students can get scholarships from the organization.

Armando Saldívar is the brother of the person found guilty of murder. Yolanda and her seven other brothers grew up together. Not much about him is in the spotlight.

Maria Elida Saldívar is Yolanda Saldivar’s sister, Maria Elida, was never in the news until Yolanda was accused of taking money without permission. Selena and her father talked to the former nurse about how she had mismanaged and stolen money. They also discovered that Maria Elida’s name was on the bank account for the fan club. Like all of Yolanda’s brothers, she stays out of the spotlight, and not much is known about her.

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