Who Is Rachel Hollis Dating Right Now After Divorce Husband Dave Hollis?

Rachel Hollis, the renowned American author, motivational speaker, and blogger, has captivated audiences with her empowering message and inspiring books. While her professional accomplishments have been widely recognized, fans often wonder about her personal life, including her current dating status. This article delves into Rachel Hollis’s relationship history and explores who she is dating right now.

Who Is Rachel Hollis Dating Right Now?

According to The List, Rachel Hollis’ boyfriend is Cez Darke, who first appeared on her Instagram in July 2021. Although his face was covered, followers speculated that the curly-haired individual was Cez based on his distinctive features. A subsequent photo shared in October 2021 provided a clearer glimpse of the couple, revealing their natural chemistry.


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Who is Cez Darke?

In a heartfelt Instagram post celebrating Cez Darke’s birthday on May 23, 2022, Rachel Hollis revealed that he is British. Playfully referring to him as her “second favorite Brit,” Hollis showcased their lighthearted banter. This revelation added another layer to their relationship, highlighting their ability to enjoy each other’s company and share a sense of humor.

Cez Darke hails from the United Kingdom and has a background in the music and touring industry. With experience as a tour manager, he has worked with renowned artists such as Shawn Mendes, Robert Plant, and Rita Ora. Despite the demands of his career, Darke’s passion for travel and music aligns well with Rachel Hollis’ dynamic lifestyle.

Finding Laughter and Adventure Together

Rachel Hollis and Cez Darke’s relationship seems to be characterized by lightheartedness and humor. In a YouTube video, Hollis hinted at their connection, referring to him as her “second first kiss.” Their ability to make each other laugh and enjoy shared adventures has endeared them to one another and provided a sense of support and happiness.

Following the tragic passing of Rachel Hollis’ ex-husband, Dave Hollis, in February 2023, Cez Darke has supported her during this challenging time. Rachel Hollis expressed her shock and devastation on Instagram, emphasizing the profound impact of the loss. Darke’s presence offers her comfort and stability as she navigates through this period of grief.

Rachel Hollis’s Relationship History 

Dave Hollis


Rachel Hollis gained fame through her self-help books, particularly “Girl, Wash Your Face” and “Girl, Stop Apologizing.” Throughout her rise to prominence, she shared her journey with her followers, which included her marriage to Dave Hollis. The couple met in Los Angeles and married for 16 years before officially divorced in 2020. During their marriage, they had three children and adopted a fourth.


Rachel Hollis’s journey from a blogger to a celebrated author and speaker has garnered significant attention. While she has been open about her challenges and her past marriage to Dave Hollis, her current dating status remains undisclosed. As Rachel continues to inspire and motivate others, her fans and followers will undoubtedly support her choices in maintaining privacy and wish her happiness in all aspects of her life.

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