Why Did Snape Become A Death Eater? Explore The Dark Reason Behind It!

The question of why Severus Snape became a Death Eater has perplexed many Harry Potter fans for years. This article will delve into the complexities of this topic, exploring the various motivations that led Snape to become one of Voldemort’s most loyal servants. Examining his backstory and life experiences will make it clear why he chose to join the Dark Lord’s ranks.

snape become a death eater

Why Did Snape Become A Death Eater?

To comprehend one of the most significant character deaths in the Harry Potter series, it is necessary to delve deeply into Snape’s history. The books go into greater depth than the films and take readers through his challenging childhood. Snape was not raised in a loving home, as his muggle father frequently abused him and his witch mother neglected him. This was one of the primary reasons for his icy demeanor and why he called himself the”Half-blood Prince.” His only positive influence was Lily Evans, who would later become Harry Potter’s mother.


When the pair attended Hogwarts, they were placed in different houses: Snape in Slytherin and Lily in Gryffindor. Snape and Lily’s relationship deteriorated at Hogwarts, especially after Lily befriended James Potter, who later bullied Snape with his friends. Snape joined the Death Eaters in his twenties to finally feel accepted. Even though it was a group of misfits, he finally felt valued and like he belonged. Add to that his obsession with the Dark Arts, which was possibly the only subject he was interested in studying at school and at which he excelled. Consequently, while he is portrayed as a villain, his decision to become a Death Eater becomes more understandable when his background is revealed.

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Few Things That Bother Me About Snape Being A Death Eater.

  • Since their childhood, Severus has loved Lily. Indeed, he would not do something that would cause her to despise him forever.
  • We discover that Snape is not inherently evil.
  • He was of mixed race. Surely he did not share Voldemort’s racist views on pure-bloods superiority.
  • He was an outstanding pupil. In addition, his Head of House was Slughorn, who had no interest in Death Eaters whatsoever.
  • I understand that most Snape’s Slytherin classmates became Death Eaters after Hogwarts, but he doesn’t strike me as the type to follow the crowd; he seems to have his mind.


 Severus Snape’ss motivations for becoming a Death Eater were complex and varied. He was driven by anger, revenge, loyalty, and ambition, all of which are understandable in the context of his upbringing and challenging life. By joining the Death Eaters, he could gain the power and respect he had been denied as a child. However, he also risked his own safety and personal morality.

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