The Pope’s Exorcist Sequel In Development With Russell Crowe, After Strong Box Office Debut!

Bad news for demons, but good news for people who like silly but fun horror films. Schlock: Father Amorth, the Pope’s Exorcist, will return in a follow-up to the Exorcist by the Pope. It’s been a few weeks since Julius Avery’s Possession Horror hit theatres, with Russell Crowe as the Vespa-riding, one-liner-mumbling, demon-busting Father Amorth.

Father Amorth was a real-life figure whose exploits inspired (how loosely depends on your own opinion on this whole “demons and exorcisms” thing) the movie. The first movie’s story has done well for both Screen Gems and Sony Pictures. Enough that it looks like more Amorth is coming.

According to Bloody Disgusting  that the first steps of making a sequel have been taken and that Russell Crowe will likely play the leading role again. And if you don’t like that, you should talk to his boss, the Pope. (Or Sony Pictures CEO Tim Rothman?) Crowe had a lot of fun playing a bigger-than-life demon killer.

His scene-chewing performance is reflected in the movie’s last third, which goes all the way up in tone (read: it gets crazy, like Michael Keaton’s Batman). And, like the Conjuring films, which seem to be based on the Warrens’ case files, the last few minutes of The Pope’s Exorcist set it up for possible sequels since there are plenty more Father Amorth stories to use. The Pope’s Exorcist has already made over $52 million on a budget of $18 million, so a sequel could happen.

The Pope's Exorcist

The Pope’s Exorcist Squeal Release: Is There A Release Date?

As of this writing, there is no official date for The Pope’s Exorcist 2 to be in theatres. And since work on the movie just started, we might have to wait a while for the next one.

The Pope’s Exorcist Squeal: Cast

Since it’s still so early, there’s nothing else confirmed yet, including whether or not Avery will return, who else will star (Daniel Zovatto should also be back), or what Father Amorth’s next case will be. We’re in as long as he has his zippy little Vespa and more jokes up those wide Exorcist sleeves.

The Pope’s Exorcist Squeal: Star Cast
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The Pope’s Exorcist Squeal: Plot

The sequel has no official plot, but it will continue the quest set up in the first movie.

At the end of the first movie, the villain, Asmodeus, says,

“The Vatican is studying the journals of a friar who Asmodeus possessed. They’ve found the other 199 burial sites where the demon can possess people.” And now it is Amorth’s job to get rid of them.”

The sequel will likely follow Father Amorth’s quest to defeat Asmodeus once and for all at all 199 burial sites.

But since the movie is based on a true story, this could be limiting and inspiring. Father Gabriele Amorth had more cases, more than 100,000, so that could be the basis for another movie. But if filmmakers want to stay true to the original story, this could limit the kinds of stories they can tell on screen.

The Pope’s Exorcist Sequel: Trailer

There isn’t a trailer for the sequel. Watch the trailer for the first movie below for now:

THE POPE'S EXORCIST – Official Trailer (HD)

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