Kaithi 2 Confirmed: Release Date and All You Want to Know

The Karthi starrer Kaithi has been out in theatres for four years now. Kaithi was on many lists at the end of the year as one of the best Tamil movies of 2019.

This was because of good reviews. The latest news about the second part of Kaithi, the first movie in what is now called the Lokesh Cinematic Universe (LCU), has made the internet go crazy with excitement.

The exciting news came at a significant time, as October 25th marked the fourth anniversary of Kaithi’s freedom. Dream Warriors Pictures, a well-known film production business, has released interesting new information about the movie.

kaithi 2

Kaithi 2 Confirmation News

Kaithi 2, the follow-up to the 2019 movie “Kaithi,” which starred Karthi and was directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, is now officially in the works.

Hindustan Times confirms that Karthi announced that shooting will start in 2024, and Lokesh Kanagaraj will be back as the director. The project will get going once Lokesh finishes his next job with Vijay, Leo.

Karthi and Suriya, who had a small role as the bad guy in Vikram, are likely to have parts in Kaithi 2. The movie is part of Lokesh’s bigger cinematic universe, including his most recent film, Vikram, with Kamal Haasan. Karthi’s voice was used in an appearance in Vikram, which linked the two movies.

kaithi 2

Kaithi 2 Release Date

According to Filmibeat, The movie Kaithi 2 is set to come out in cinemas on April 30, 2025. The movie is directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and stars Karthi. It’s part of Lokesh’s bigger cinematic universe, including his most recent film, Vikram, with Kamal Haasan.

The new characters’ names in Kaithi 2 have yet to be made public. Some people think the movie will bring together all of Lokesh Kanagaraj’s characters from his other films, like “Vikram” and “Leo.” In Kaithi 2, this makes it seem like there might be more characters from the larger world, but specifics still need to be confirmed.

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Kaithi 2 Story

The story of Kaithi 2 has yet to be made public. However, Reelgood says that the movie will explore the fascinating past of the main character, Dhilli, and tell an exciting story that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

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Kaithi 2 Cast details

The actors in Kaithi 2 include:

  • Karthi as Dilli
  • Arjun Das as Anbu
  • Narain as Bejoy
  • Harish Uthaman as Adaikalam
  • Baby Monika Siva as Amudha

kaithi 2

These are the prominent cast members confirmed for the movie. The new characters in Kaithi 2 have yet to be officially announced.

However, there are speculations that the film will bring together all the characters from Lokesh Kanagaraj’s larger cinematic universe, including those from his other films like “Vikram” and “Leo”. This suggests that there may be additional characters from the broader universe in Kaithi 2, but specific details still need to be confirmed.

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