Then And Now: How Malayalam Cinema Finest Actors Have Aged

Since Vigathakumaran’s first Malayalam movie came out 89 years ago, a lot has changed. Since then, Malayalam cinema has grown in a way that has been both hard and surprising. People say that the best time for Malayalam movies was from 1980 to 1990 when many great directors and writers started making movies in many different styles. With movies like Vaisala and Rathinirvedam, Bharathan and Padmarajan ruled Malayalam cinema during this time. In the end, many movies that changed how Mollywood looked were made during this time.

This was also when Malayalam movie stars like Mammootty and Mohanlal rose to the top of their fields. It was also when talented actors like Jayaram, Shobhana, and Sukumaran first appeared on the screen. We are no longer in the “Golden Age.” Instead, we are in the “Age of Action Heroes” (1990 and on). The movie business has changed, the way stories are told, and the whole idea of movies is changing, but our favorite actors still have a place in the industry (and in our hearts). Here’s a list of our heroes who have grown older in a good way.

1. Mohanlal

Mohanlal, The Complete Actor and the Personal Pride of Malayalam Cinema had his 59th birthday this May. He’s yet another actor who seems to defy age. It has been 41 years since his first movie. From a hot, handsome playboy to a rich royal hunk, Mohanlal has given us primary fitness goals and how. If any actor could play the Malayalam version of Don Corleone from the famous movie The Godfather, all Malayalis would agree that it would be our Lalettan. Mohanlal’s favorite thing to do is work out, and that’s how he stays fit. Now you know where you can get fitness ideas.


2. Vikram

He is most likely the only actor on this list not from Kerala. Even though Tollywood is his main business, he has also worked in Mollywood. He Made His Debut In 1990 In En Kadhal Kanmani. He is a very skilled actor, and movies like Anniyan, Pithamagan, Ravanan, and Deiva Thirumagal have shown how good he is. He is also known for helping people in need. Because of how dramatically his body changes, he has been called the “Christian Bale of Tamil cinema.” This is hard to believe. He has always been serious about fitness and exercise, and he tells his fans that the best way to live a happy life is to eat well and work out often.



3. Mammotty

Mammootty, the Megastar, is an excellent example of a hero who will always be remembered. Mammootty started acting in 1971, but it was in the mid-1980s that his career took off. Movies like Oru Vadakkan Veeragathaand and Mathilukal brought him the National Award for Best Actor. People also call him the “face of Indian cinema.”

He was in charge of Malayalam movies for 40 years. Not only is he a passionate actor, but he is also very disciplined. Everyone knows Mammootty has a strict diet, except when he eats mutton biryani. Mammootty is, without question, the most handsome male celebrity in Mollywood.


4. Lal

This actor and director are changing what it means to be an adult. His first job was as a mimicry artist, which he did with his childhood friend Siddique. Later, they worked together, and their first movie was the cult favorite, Ramji Rao Speaking. Lal’s first role was in Kaliyattam, directed by Suresh Gopi. Since then, he has entertained us with roles like Sikkandar Singh, Dasappan, Dr. Zacharia, Kalathiparambil Kalidasan, etc.

He is one famous person who looks better as they get older. One thing to note is that he dresses well. The picture of him with Prabhas from Bahubali shows that he is one of the most stylish actors in this business. He has gotten older in the most beautiful way.


5. Jayaram

He was born on December 10, 1965, making him 57. He started as an impersonator but later moved on to acting in movies. He is considered one of the most adaptable actors in the business. No one would believe that he has two grown-up children. He looks almost the same or even better than he did when he was young.

The actor recently got a lot of attention on the Internet when he posted a picture of himself that showed a significant change in his body. His fans were amazed. Jayaram is one of the most exciting people you’ll meet. He said that age is just a number and that our actual age is found in our hearts. And he says that, at heart, he is still 18.



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