Top 10 Punjabi Sexy Movies To Watch in 2023

Have you been searching for some spice in your life lately? Maybe you’re just in the mood to watch something a little hot and steamy. Either way, we’ve got you covered. The Punjabi film industry has been churning out some seriously sexy films over the past few years that are sure to get your blood pumping. From sensual thrillers to erotic dramas, this list of the top 10 Punjabi sexy movies to watch in 2023 has something for everyone. Grab some popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready for a wild ride. Fair warning, these films are not for the faint of heart – but if you’re up for the adventure, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s dive right in, shall we? The temperature is rising already.

Punjabi Sexy Movies


List of Top 10 Punjabi Sexy Movies To Watch in 2023:

Sr. No. Movie Name Release Year Director Lead Actors
1 Angrej 2015 Simerjit Singh Amrinder Gill, Sargun Mehta
2 Punjab 1984 2014 Anurag Singh Diljit Dosanjh, Kirron Kher
3 Sardaar Ji 2015 Rohit Jugraj Diljit Dosanjh, Neeru Bajwa
4 Carry on Jatta 2012 Smeep Kang Gippy Grewal, Mahie Gill
5 Jatt & Juliet 2012 Anurag Singh Diljit Dosanjh, Neeru Bajwa
6 Qismat 2018 Jagdeep Sidhu Ammy Virk, Sargun Mehta
7 Bambukat 2016 Pankaj Batra Ammy Virk, Simi Chahal
8 Jatt & Juliet 2 2013 Anurag Singh Diljit Dosanjh, Neeru Bajwa
9 Chal Mera Putt 2019 Janjot Singh Amrinder Gill, Simi Chahal
10 Manje Bistre 2017 Baljit Singh Deo Gippy Grewal, Sonam Bajwa

Diljit Dosanjh’s ‘Jatt James Bond’ – A Spy Thriller With Sizzle

If you’re looking for a Punjabi film with action, comedy, and romance, Diljit Dosanjh’s ‘Jatt James Bond’ should be at the top of your list. This spy thriller delivers on all fronts.

Diljit Dosanjh stars as Jatt James Bond, a secret agent on a mission to stop an illegal arms deal. While undercover, he meets and falls for Kaint Kaur, played by Zarine Khan. Their chemistry sizzles on screen and provides laughs as Jatt tries to complete his mission without revealing his true identity.

Packed with high-speed car chases, dangerous stunts, and fight scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat, ‘Jatt James Bond’ serves up a hugely entertaining thrill ride. At the same time, the clever and comedic dialog between Diljit and Zarine gives viewers moments of lighthearted fun.

If sexy and suave undercover agents, action-packed adventures, and playful romance are what you crave in your movies, you can’t go wrong with ‘Jatt James Bond.’ Director Rohit Jugraj has crafted an immensely enjoyable film that blends genres with a deft hand, offering something for everyone.

With its irresistible mix of action, comedy, and spice, ‘Jatt James Bond’ has all the makings of a Punjabi cult classic. Add in foot-tapping musical numbers, and this sexy spy caper promises an all-around fantastic watch. Settle in, grab your popcorn, and let the thrill ride begin!

‘Sardar Ji 2’ – A Romantic Comedy With Seduction & Charm

The sequel to the hit Punjabi comedy ‘Sardar Ji’ promises double the fun, double the laughter and double the madness. If you’re looking for a light-hearted romantic comedy filled with playful seduction and charm, ‘Sardar Ji 2’ should be on your must-watch list.

Set in the backdrop of lush green fields of Punjab, the story revolves around two childhood friends Sardar and Shinda who fall for the same girl named Preet. Their life takes an interesting turn when Preet’s father decides to get her married to a Non-Resident Indian.

Like its prequel, ‘Sardar Ji 2’ is a laugh riot that will tickle your funny bone with its witty one-liners and comical situations. The lead actors Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa and Jaswinder Bhalla are in top form and share a wonderful on-screen chemistry. Their comic timing and native Punjabi accent add authenticity to the characters. If you enjoy clever humor and over the top Bollywood-style entertainment, this sexy comedy caper will not disappoint.

With melodious music, stunning visuals of the mustard fields and Diljit Dosanjh’s charismatic screen presence, ‘Sardar Ji 2’ makes for a paisa vasool family entertainer. So grab your popcorn, round up your friends and get ready for two hours of non-stop fun and dhamaal. Don’t miss out on this masaledar, entertaining package for some light-hearted enjoyment!

‘Carry on Jatta 2’ – A Laugh Riot With Sultry Shenanigans

The sequel to the hit comedy ‘Carry On Jatta’, this one is sure to tickle your funny bone while also titillating with steamy scenes. Picking up where the first film left off, Jass falls for Mahie who happens to be the daughter of a rival family. This sets off a chain of humorous events and entanglements as Jass tries to win her over.

Memorable funny moments

  • Jass dons outrageous disguises to meet Mahie in secret, leading to silly encounters and close calls.
  • Mahie’s father fixes her marriage with a buffoon, resulting in laughs as Jass tries to thwart the wedding.
  • The entire cast shows off their comedic chops, especially Binnu Dhillon and Jaswinder Bhalla who play Jass’s sidekicks. Their antics and one-liners will have you in stitches.

Steamy love scenes

  • Jass and Mahie’s blossoming romance leads to sensual song sequences and intimate moments that push the envelope for Punjabi cinema.
  • The sizzling chemistry between the lead actors is evident and adds heat to their many encounters.

While the story is predictable, ‘Carry On Jatta 2’ wins with its combination of humor and passion. The ensemble cast clearly had fun making this sequel and their enthusiasm translates to the audience. If you’re looking for an entertaining film to laugh and get pulses racing, add this one to your must-watch list. The comedy and romance make it a perfect date movie or flick for a fun night in.

‘Qismat’ – A Passionate Love Story With Steamy Scenes

The romantic drama film ‘Qismat’ is a must-watch if you’re looking for some steamy scenes. Released in 2018, this Punjabi film starring Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta is all about passion and fate.

Ammy Virk plays Shivjit, a carefree young man who believes in living life without worrying about the consequences. Sargun Mehta portrays Bani, an independent and strong-willed woman. They meet on a train and instantly connect, spending a fun-filled day together in Amritsar. As fate would have it, Bani’s family has arranged her marriage to someone else.

Despite the obstacles in their way, Shivjit and Bani can’t resist their strong attraction and passion for each other. They continue their romance in secret with intimate encounters and steamy scenes that will get your heart racing. The chemistry between the lead actors is palpable and will keep you hooked as they navigate their blossoming relationship.

Some of the spicy scenes in ‘Qismat’ that contribute to its sexy appeal include:

  • Their flirtatious first meeting on the train where the playful banter and longing glances set the mood for what’s to come.
  • A sensual song sequence where Bani and Shivjit can’t keep their hands off each other as their desire intensifies.
  • Late-night rendezvous where they sneak around to be together, unable to stay away from one another.
  • A bedroom scene where they consummate their relationship with an intimate lovemaking session.

While ‘Qismat’ does have its fair share of passion and risqué moments, at its core it’s a story about following your heart and destiny. The film was a major commercial success, showing that Punjabi cinema can produce romantic films with mass appeal. If you’re looking to spice up your movie watching, ‘Qismat’ is a sexy choice you won’t regret.

‘Jatt & Juliet’ – A Feel-Good Rom-Com With Sassy & Flirty Moments

The 2013 rom-com ‘Jatt & Juliet’ is a feel-good Punjabi film with some sassy and flirty moments that’ll make you chuckle. This funny rom-com features Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa in lead roles.

Diljit Dosanjh plays Fateh Singh, a mischievous young man who often gets into trouble. Neeru Bajwa plays Pooja, an independent and feisty woman who comes from Canada to her maternal village in Punjab. Fateh develops feelings for Pooja at first sight but often ends up irritating her with his pranks and childish behavior.

However, Fateh’s lively and cheerful nature also impresses Pooja. She starts to fall for his charm and humor. Their love story takes some interesting twists and turns before culminating into a happy ending.

Some of the romantic and flirty scenes between Diljit and Neeru are quite entertaining. Diljit’s funky style and comic timing provide many laugh-out-loud moments. His on-screen chemistry with Neeru Bajwa is simply delightful to watch.

The movie has a simple storyline but it keeps you engaged with its humor and funny dialogs. The characters are lively, relatable and leave you with a smile. ‘Jatt & Juliet’ is an out and out entertainer that’ll lift your mood with its feel-good vibes.

If you enjoy light-hearted Punjabi rom-coms, ‘Jatt & Juliet’ should be on your must-watch list. This sassy and flirty film is a perfect pick for a fun movie night with your friends or partner.

‘Sufna’ – A Poignant Tale of Love & Longing

‘Sufna’ is a poignant Punjabi film that beautifully captures the angst of young love and longing. Released in 2020, it stars Ammy Virk and Tania as star-crossed lovers who struggle against familial and societal pressures to find their way back to each other.

As teenagers, Sufna and Teg grew up together in a small Punjabi village. They develop a close bond that blossoms into love as they come of age. However, their families have a long-standing feud that prevents them from being together. Heartbroken, Teg’s family arranges her marriage elsewhere.

A decade later, Sufna remains devoted to Teg in his heart. He rejects proposals from other village girls, holding onto the hope that fate will reunite them. His patience is rewarded when Teg returns home for her brother’s wedding. Their love and chemistry remain as potent as ever. Teg grapples with following her heart or fulfilling her duty as a married woman.

This poignant film is a moving take on love, sacrifice and fighting for one’s heart’s desire against all odds. Ammy Virk delivers a nuanced performance as the pining Sufna, eliciting empathy for his unrequited love that remains painfully relatable. The picturesque village setting and soulful Punjabi music create an authentic ambiance, transporting viewers to a place of nostalgia.

‘Sufna’ reminds us that true love is worth fighting for, even if it means going against societal norms. Though bittersweet, its message of hope lingers with you long after the credits roll. If you’re in the mood for a touching romantic film that tugs at the heartstrings, ‘Sufna’ is a must-watch. You’ll find yourself rooting for Sufna and Teg to defy expectations and make their way back to each other.

‘Angrej’ – A Period Drama With Sensual Undertones

The 2015 film ‘Angrej’ is a period drama set in Punjab during the 1940s, just before the partition of India. While much of the film focuses on the romance between Shivinder and Sargun, there are sensual undertones throughout.

The Flirtatious Duo

Shivinder, the village playboy, sets his eyes on Sargun, an educated and progressive woman who has returned home from Lahore. He is captivated by her beauty and free spirit. Sargun plays hard to get, rebuffing Shivinder’s charms and flirtatious advances at first. However, his persistence and charm ultimately win her over. Their coy interactions and witty banter simmers with playful sensuality.

Forbidden Love

Since Sargun comes from an affluent family, her father disapproves of Shivinder and forbids them from seeing each other. This only intensifies their longing and passion for one another. They continue to meet in secret, stealing fleeting moments alone whenever they can. The thrill of forbidden love and danger of being caught adds an extra layer of sensual excitement.

Simmering Song Sequences

Like most Punjabi films, ‘Angrej’ features lively song and dance sequences. However, some numbers between Shivinder and Sargun sizzle with a sensual energy. During “Kaun Nachdi,” they dance closely together, casting flirtatious glances and touches. “Dil Di Kitaab” shows them getting caught in the rain, drenched in their clothes as passions ignite. These sequences are highly evocative, fueled by the chemistry between the lead actors.

\n\nWhile ‘Angrej’ has a broader focus on relationships and life in pre-partition Punjab, sensuality is interwoven throughout the story. The flirtatious connection between Shivinder and Sargun, their forbidden love affair and steamy song sequences give the film a simmering heat that will resonate with romantics and leave you longing for more.

‘Jatt Airways’ – A Raunchy Farce 35,000 Feet in the Air

‘Jatt Airways’ – A Raunchy Farce 35,000 Feet in the Air

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed a Punjabi rom-com with the hijinks of a screwball comedy, set it all on an airplane? Wonder no more. ‘Jatt Airways’ brings the laughs by combining culture clash, cunning plans, and sexual innuendo at high altitudes.

The story revolves around two families with a long-standing feud who end up on the same flight from Punjab to Canada. Simran and her flirtatious brother Sonu scheme to get seats next to their crushes, the smart and serious Guri and playboy Goldy. However, their parents have other plans to set them up with proper life partners.

What ensues is a comedy of errors at 30,000 feet. Pretending to be engaged, secret switches of seating assignments, risque jokes and Bollywood dance numbers in the aisles will keep you chuckling. Director Harjit Singh Ricky and his ensemble cast, including Sonu Sood and Tulsi Kumar, seem to revel in the silliness and over-the-top slapstick situations. Farcical moments of mistaken identity, culture clash with the airline staff and other passengers, and sly references to sex, relationships and marriage expectations in the Punjabi community abound.

While the antics border on absurd and the plot is paper thin, ‘Jatt Airways’ succeeds as an amusing diversion and light social satire. With its double entendres, physical comedy, and playful subversion of cultural stereotypes, this silly rom-com farce will have you forgetting your worries for two hours. Fasten your seatbelts for non-stop laughter and enjoy the ride on this zany cinematic flight of fancy.

Punjabi Sexy Movies FAQs: Questions About the Hottest Punjabi

The world of Punjabi cinema has really upped its game in recent years. If you’re looking for some seriously sexy and steamy movies from Punjab, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some frequently asked questions about the hottest and spiciest Punjabi movies:

What exactly makes a Punjabi movie “sexy”?

A sexy Punjabi movie typically features passionate love scenes, sensual songs, racy outfits, and a focus on romance and physical attraction between the lead characters. These films are usually targeted at younger audiences and push the envelope when it comes to intimate content.

Do sexy Punjabi movies have good storylines or are they just cheap thrills?

It depends on the movie. Some Punjabi sexy films actually do have engaging storylines, complex characters, and address meaningful themes, even with their risque content. However, others are more superficial and rely primarily on steamy scenes and titillation to attract viewers. As with any film industry, there is a range of depth and quality.

How “hot” do these movies actually get?

The level of sensuality can vary, but in general, the spiciest Punjabi sexy movies feature very intimate lovemaking scenes, partial nudity, provocative lyrics, and lots of on-screen chemistry. They are typically too racy for most Indian censorship standards. These films are really intended for mature audiences.

Are there any recommendations for must-watch Punjabi sexy movies?

Some of the hottest and most popular Punjabi sexy movies in recent years include:

  • Qismat
  • Manje Bistre
  • Carry On Jatta
  • Bai Ji Kuttange
  • Jatt James Bond

These films feature memorable sexy songs, dance numbers and love scenes that really sizzle on screen. If you like your Punjabi movies extra steamy, any of these would be an excellent choice.

What’s the future of the sexy Punjabi film genre?

The demand for bold and racy content in Punjabi cinema is growing, especially among younger viewers. As filmmakers continue to push boundaries, sexy Punjabi movies are likely to become even more intimate and sensual over time. However, more progressive films in this genre may also work to strengthen their storylines and address important social issues, rather than relying solely on steaminess. The future is bright for Punjabi sexy cinema.


So there you have it, 10 Punjabi sexy movies to spice up your 2023. Get the popcorn ready, dim the lights, and cuddle up with that special someone. These sensual cinematic gems are sure to heat up any movie night. Let the passion, drama, and steamy romance of Pollywood sweep you away. After all, life’s too short not to indulge in a little guilty pleasure now and then. What are you waiting for? Pick a film, press play, and embark on a cultural journey of love, desire and everything in between. The new year is just around the corner – start it off right with a healthy dose of cinematic seduction, Punjab-style.

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