What Is Taylor Swift Cat Olivia Benson Net Worth: What Makes Cat So Valuable?

Taylor Swift is one of the most influential musicians in the American music industry right now. She has sold over 200 million records worldwide, making her one of the most popular singers ever. Swift has been in the Guinness World Records more than once. She has won 11 Grammys and 29 Billboard Music Awards. However, Taylor Swift is not in the news just because of herself this time; she is in the news because of her cat.

Yes, you did read that right. Olivia Benson is Taylor Swift’s cat, worth millions of dollars. We’re talking about an animal that might be among the richest in the world. This cat has much more money than most people. Olivia Benson is a Scottish fold cat with a great attitude who has a funny look and is great for pictures. In this article we talk about Taylor Swift cat Olivia Benson net worth.

Taylor Swift Cat Olivia Benson

What Is Taylor Swift Cat Olivia Benson Net Worth?

According to Billboard, Swift has three cats. Her oldest cat is named Olivia Benson. In 2020, the singer shared a photo of Benson sleeping on a couch, which has been liked more than 2 million times. This made her very famous, and she got advertising deals with brands like Diet Coke, Direct TV, AT&T, and Keds shoes. She has also starred in a lot of Taylor Swift’s music videos. That was enough for Olivia Benson to start making big money, thanks to her mom’s influence and unbeatable charm. Olivia Benson projected net worth is $97 million (Rs 800 crore).

What Is Taylor Swift Cat Olivia Benson Net Worth?

The second-richest pet on the list is also a cat. Its name is Nala Cat, and its total net worth is $100 million (Rs 815 crore). Nala has its own verified Instagram page with more than 4.4 million fans. Gunther VI, a German shepherd dog, is the richest pet in the world. He is worth $500 million (Rs 4077 crore). The Italian television company Gunther Corporation owns Gunther VI.

The fact that Sadie, Sunny, Lauren, Layla, and Luke, Oprah Winfrey’s dogs, are worth $30 million (Rs 244 crore) puts them at number four on the list.

Fifth on the list is a Pomeranian named Jiffpom, which is worth $25 million (Rs 203 crore), and sixth is Choupette, a cat that belonged to the late Karl Lagerfeld and is worth $13 million (Rs 106 crore). The seventh spot goes to Betty White’s dog Pontiac, worth $5 million (Rs. 40 crore).

Meet Taylor Swift’s Other Two Cats: Meredith And Benjamin

Taylor Swift has 2 other cast as well. Swift called her daughter Olivia after a character on the TV show “Law & Order” with the same name. But the terms of the other two cats are also funny. Taylor Swift’s first cat was also a Scottish Fold named Meredith Grey, after the main character on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy. The last one is called Benjamin Button, but you already know where that name comes from. Swift says that the three of them look like lazy bears, and they were all in her music video for the song “Me!” Olivia owns all of the money, though.

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