Tom Wagner Net Worth: How Wealthy is the Entrepreneur in 2024?

As the founder of Knighthead Capital Management LLC, Thomas Allen Wagner is a well-known person in the investment and financial worlds.

Because he is a good boss and has a lot of experience, he is currently the Co-Chairman of Knighthead Annuity & Life Assurance Co. and the Managing Member at Knighthead Capital Management LLC.

Mr. Wagner works in several other well-known groups in addition to his work at Knighthead. Hertz Global Holdings, Inc., a significant global car rental business, and Trinity Cyber, Inc., a cutting-edge cybersecurity firm, both value him as a member of their boards of directors.


Tom Wagner Net Worth

OneFootball confirms that Tom Wagner is worth about $1.6 billion. Because of his $9 billion stake in Knighthead Capital Management LLC. Wagner also partners in several other business firms, which adds to his wealth.

Wagner is pleased with his life because he is wealthy. A big house in New York City is one of the many places he owns.

Wagner is generous and has given away millions of dollars to good causes. The New York Public Library and the Metropolitan Museum of Art say he is a member of both. He is on the board of directors of several other groups as well.


Salary for Tom Wagner

Tom is going to be at St. Andrew’s today for the club’s last home game of the season, which is against Sheffield United. As long as the deal goes through, Tom’s company will own and run St. Louis entirely.

Andrew’s is partly owned by Birmingham City Plc and has a significant club board presence. Jeremy Dale, who used to be the CEO of both Motorola and Microsoft, helped make the deal. Tom thought the pay for a year would be $1 Million.

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Tom Wagner’s Source of Income

Tom’s primary source of income comes from his job as a co-founder of Knighthead Capital Management. Tom may also have other companies that make him a good amount of money.


Tom Wagner Biography

This was made the same day as a new statement from BSHL, the present owners of the Blues. Tom is listed as a director of the company.

Tom has worked for Goldman Sachs, a financial bank, in the past. Last year, Tom also led a group that bought an American pickleball team. The group included NFL star Tom Brady and former tennis winner Kim Clijsters.

Tom Wagner’s Career

Tom worked at Credit Suisse First Boston for two years as an exceptional cases office analyst and a high-yield trader. In 1999, Mr. Tom graduated from Columbia Business School as a Beta Gamma Sigma. During his second year of school, he worked full-time at CSFB.

Before attending business school, Tom worked for five years at Ernst & Young, LLP, in the hedge fund department, where he audited and advised various investment funds. While Tom worked at Ernst & Young, LLP, he was licensed as a CPA in Massachusetts and the Cayman Islands.


Tom Wagner’s Collection of Rich Cars

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