Total Gaming Net Worth in 2024: India’s Most Successful Gaming YouTuber’s Wealth Revealed!

Total Gaming, which Ajay runs, has become a firm name in the exciting worlds of online games and content creation. With a growing number of fans and an engaging mix of gaming skills and charm, Total Gaming has become a significant force in the Indian gaming community.

This article will go into great detail about his biography, the fantastic rise in his net worth, how his gaming job has changed over time, his family history, and more.

Total Gaming Net Worth

that Ajay is an Indian gaming YouTuber named Total Gaming, Ajju, or Ajju Bhai. According to Sportskeeda, he is said to have a net worth of ₹7 crores ($800,000 to $850,000) and an income of up to ₹8-15 lakhs ($10,000 to $19,000) a year.

When PUBG was banned in India, Ajay first became known for his live streams of Garena Free Fire, a famous battle royale game in that country. Total Gaming is the Indian game YouTube channel with the most subscribers.

Total Gaming

Ajay Profile (Income and Salary)

Net Worth $3 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees 25 Crore +
Monthly Income 30 lakh +
Annual Income 4 Crore +
Income Source YouTube , brand endorsements
Profession YouTuber
Nationality Indian

Total Gaming Career Journey

A famous Indian Page 3 magazine called Miss Malini says that Ajay’s main job is not on YouTube, even though he is known as India’s most popular and successful Gaming YouTuber. Besides his job on YouTube, he is a software engineer, an independent coder, and a growth hacker.

Ajay first played video games on his phone, where he played Clash of Clans in 2015. At the time, he needed a high-end phone to handle more demanding games like PUBG. After the Indian government blocked several Chinese apps on the grounds of security and privacy concerns, PUBG was also blocked and made impossible to access through Indian internet service providers.

Total Gaming

With this, there was a hole in the Indian gaming market that was quickly filled by battle royale games like BGMI, which was PUBG. In 2018, he saw that some of his friends were playing Garena Free Fire. The only thing that stopped him was that he couldn’t afford a high-end phone that could run it.

Ajay then started playing Free Fire on his PC, and once he got good at the game’s little tricks and secrets, he decided to show everyone how good he was at it. Once he was good at the game, he started a YouTube channel. On October 9, 2018, he made two channels: Total Gaming and Ajay Verse.

He began posting videos of himself playing Garena Free Fire and giving advice on improving the game. Total Gaming was only a Free Fire channel until 2020. After that, it started showing Ajay’s live streams of him playing GTA V, Spider-Man, and The Incredible Hulk, making him one of the few live streamers in India who does a wide range of games. After that, Ajay Verse became his new place to find game clips.

Ajay decided to make his empire even more prominent after his first two YouTube channels were massive hits. In 2021, he created four channels: Ajjubhai (which he joined on January 1, 2021), TG Highlights (which he joined on January 16, 2021), TG Tournament (which he joined on September 25, 2021), and Total Gaming Shorts (which he joined on November 11, 2021).

All of his YouTube accounts are about video games right now. Together, they have over 43 million subscribers and a fantastic seven billion views.

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YouTube Subscriber Milestone

1,000 subscribers 2018
10,000 subscribers 2019
100,000 subscribers 2019
1 million subscribers 2020
10 million subscribers 2020
20 million subscribers 2021
30 million subscribers 2022
37.9 million subscribers 2023 (December)

Total Gaming’s Sources of Income

Total Gaming’s YouTube empire makes Ajay most of his $600,000 to $650,000 fortune. He creates most of it from AdSense income from his six successful and popular YouTube channels.

Total Gaming

Total Gaming’s Videos on YouTube:

Based on the idea that YouTube channels make between $3 and $7 for every 10,000 views, Net Worth Spot thinks that the Total Gaming channel makes about $15,000 annually. But these are just guesses; Ajay could make more than $20,000 a year. Remember that YouTube rates for Indian accounts are different.

The Social Blade says Total Gaming makes between $3,000 and $7,000 monthly, or $25,000 yearly. Aside from this, he has five other YouTube accounts that make him a lot of money through AdSense.


The net worth of Total Gaming has grown a lot, which shows how quickly a young gaming star became famous and turned his hobby into a prosperous job. Ajay’s rise from a dedicated gamer to a famous content maker and e-sports star shows how the digital age opens up opportunities.

Total Gaming will make much money if he keeps entertaining and motivating his millions of fans. Ajay’s story is a powerful reminder that goals can come true with passion, hard work, and charm in Gaming and content creation.

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