Chito Ranas Release Date From Prison? Why Did He Go To Jail?

Chito Ranas, a rising rapper and musician from Sacramento, has garnered a significant following for his atmospheric trap tracks since 2019. With popular hits such as “Riche$” and “North Sac Baby,” Chito Ranas has been making waves in the music scene. However, his career took an unexpected turn when he was sentenced to prison for an undisclosed crime. Fans have been eagerly waiting for any news about his release date. In this article, we will delve into the latest updates about Chito Ranas’s release from prison.

Chito Ranas Release Date From Prison?

Chito Ranas Release Date

The release date of Chito Ranas from prison remains uncertain, with conflicting information available. According to reports, he has been incarcerated since 2019, while others mention his ongoing legal entanglements. According to he is currently serving a prison sentence, but there is no information on when he may be released.

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What Is The Reason For Chito Ranas’ Imprisonment?

Chito Ranas is currently in jail, but the exact reason for his imprisonment is not clear.

Swifty Blue, the well-known underground artist from Los Angeles, has returned with a fresh new song called “Gente Mala.” This track features the late Jali$co and Chito Rana$, who are currently in jail as per the above source.

Jali$co and Chito are actual brothers and affectionately regarded Swifty Blue as their cousin from the south. The trio enjoyed portraying themselves as the “bad guys” and enhanced their reputation with hard-hitting lyrics. In the opening verse, Chito raps,  “we don’t f*** with 12, I done so many shit I’m going straight to hell” in the opening verse. Jalisco follows up with a barrage of bilingual bars, “young parquero til the mother f’in death of me, el dia que yo me muero like a G they gon’ bury me”. Sadly, however the bars proved true as Jali$co passed earlier this year. Swifty closed with the track with his own bilingual bars “my AR got kick like I’m out here playing soccer, yes I got investors and a million dollar sponsor”.  Sadly, these lyrics proved to be true as Jali$co passed away earlier this year. Swifty concludes the track with his own bilingual bars, boasting about his powerful firearm and mentioning his financial backers and a million-dollar sponsor.

Although it is tragic that Jali$co is no longer with us and Chito is serving time in prison, it is heartening to hear new music from these two artists. Swifty Blue, which carries the torch for its legacy, continues its tradition.

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