Why was Rapper Killer Mike Put in Jail by L.A. Police Amidst Grammy Award Show?

Guns were used to lead rapper Killer Mike out of the Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

The Los Angeles Police Department later explained the misdemeanor charges against him, but it wasn’t clear at first why he was stopped right before the Grammys began. Read on to find more details about the incident.

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Why was the rapper Killer Mike arrested?

NBCNews says that Michael Render, better known as the rapper Killer Mike, was arrested on charges of misdemeanor battery after a fight at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

Rapper Killer Mike, whose real name is Michael Render, was arrested for alleged misdemeanor battery at the 2024 Grammy Awards. An altercation reportedly occurred after a security guard tried to prevent access to the rapper and his entourage.

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During the altercation, the security guard was knocked down, injuring her hand, and subsequently requested a citizen’s arrest. Killer Mike was then taken into custody. After that, he was let go on his recognizance and given a court date of February 29.

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What charges did killer Mike face?

Killer Mike was arrested on suspicion of minor battery after a fight that was said to have happened at the 2024 Grammy Awards. He was taken to the LAPD Central Division and charged with a minor battery.

After that, he was let go on his recognizance and given a court date of February 29. Details about the fight have not been fully shared by the police or Killer Mike’s reps.

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Some say that he was arrested on Sunday night for reportedly pushing a security guard at the Grammy Awards.

How did Killer Mike’s fans react to his arrest?

Killer Mike’s fans were angry and worried when he was arrested. A lot of the rapper’s fans used social media to talk about what happened and show their support. Many people were upset that the event took away from his success at the Grammy Awards, where he won three awards.

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When asked about the debate, Killer Mike said, “We hit a speed bump, and then we head back to the party.” He is sure, though, that his name will be cleared after the fight with Grammy Awards security staff.

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