Suraj Venjaramoodu’s Madanolsavam OTT Release Date Expected To Be In June

Madanolsavam OTT Release Date

Madanolsavam is a Malayalam drama film set to have its theatrical release on 14th April 2023. The movie will be available in various languages across India. The OTT release date is expected to be in June, but the specific date and the platform are yet to be announced.

Information Details
Film Title Madanolsavam
Release Date Theatrical: 14th April 2023; OTT: Expected in June
Languages Various languages across India
Director Sudheesh Gopinath
Producers Vinayaka Ajith, Saina Movies
Cast Suraj Venjaramoodu, Babu Antony, Rajesh Madhavan, Bhama Arun
Genre Drama, Satirical Comedy
Plot Follows Madanan’s journey as he becomes a decoy candidate in a political campaign
Review Varied opinions with a 7.2/10 rating on IMDB

Madanolsavam Crew Details

Madanolsavam Crew

Madanolsavam delves into the realm of satirical comedy. Under the direction of Sudheesh Gopinath, the film stars Suraj Venjaramoodu, Babu Antony, Rajesh Madhavan, and Bhama Arun in pivotal roles. Produced by Vinayaka Ajith and backed by Saina Movies, the story centers on Madhanan’s struggle to overcome adversity and take charge of his life and destiny.

The Stellar Cast

– Suraj Venjaramoodu as Madanan
– Babu Antony as Madanan
– Rajesh Madhavan
– Bhama Arun as Alice

Madanolsavam’s Plot

Madanolsavam's Plot 

At the heart of Madanolsavam lies the tale of Madanan, portrayed by Suraj Venjaramoodu. Madanan makes a living by painting and selling chickens. When a wealthy individual named Madanan (played by Babu Antony) decides to run for office, the ruling party introduces the less fortunate Madanan as a decoy candidate to bewilder the electorate. Consequently, Madanan finds himself caught in a tumultuous political whirlwind. The film explores whether Madanan can preserve his uncomplicated life amidst the chaos that ensues.

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Trailer Revealed

The filming of Madanolsavam concluded in December, followed by the unveiling of the movie’s trailer and teaser, which have generated significant anticipation among viewers.

Madanolsavam Official Trailer | Suraj Venjaramoodu | Sudheesh Gopinath | Vinayaka Ajith

Critical Reception and Anticipation

Opinions on the film have been varied. Swathi P Ajith from Onmanorama appreciated Madanolsavam as a delightful choice for those seeking a lighthearted yet engaging cinematic experience. Conversely, an IMDB reviewers opined that the movie requires additional zest to maintain audience interest throughout the latter half, awarding it a 7.2/10 rating.

Other Malayalam Releases

The Malayalam film industry has several exciting releases lined up for the coming months. In addition to Madanolsavam, the Vishu holiday season will see the release of Suraj Venjaramoodu’s Adi, co-starring Ahaana Krishna and Shine Tom Chacko. OTT platforms are also set to feature prominent releases like Pranaya Vilasam by the Super Sharanya team and Lal, Anagha Narayanan’s feel-good family film.

In Summary

Madanolsavam offers a unique blend of satirical humor and captivating drama. As the release date approaches, moviegoers are eager to experience Madanan’s journey and witness the challenges he faces.

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