I Am Legend 2 Potential Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know So Far!

Warner Bros. is finally making I Am Legend 2, a sequel to the science fiction/horror hit from 2007. Francis Lawrence directed the first I Am Legend, a hit with critics and audiences. It starred Will Smith. I Am Legend is based on the classic novel of the same name by the late Richard Matheson. It is considered a highlight of the big-budget CGI blockbusters for which 2000s films have become known. It is also one of the best films that Will Smith has ever made.

Since the success of “I Am Legend,” people have been talking about a sequel for a long time. Will Smith was a big part of this success, but his character, Robert Neville, died in the controversial ending. This was a problem. Even though a prequel had been suggested, an I Am Legend sequel was eventually given the go-ahead, and Michael B. Jordan signed on. Will Smith also came back, which surprised and pleased many people.


Since I Am Legend made over $500 million, it’s easy to see why Warner Bros. is willing to make significant changes to continuity to ensure its winning formula for Will Smith zombie movies stays the same. This article tells you about the I Am Legend 2 release date and Everything We Know So Far!

I Am Legend 2 Confirmed!

Warner Bros. confirmed their active I Was Legend 2 development on March 4, 2022. The return of screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to write the script is a promising update for fans of the original film. Despite initial plans for a prequel starring Smith, which generated excitement after the first movie’s success, the project never materialized. It remains uncertain whether director Francis Lawrence will be involved, as no directing agreement has been reached thus far.

I Am Legend 2 Potential Release Date

I Am Legend 2

As of May 2023, an official release date for I Am Legend 2 has not been announced. The release date for I Am Legend 2 is anticipated to be in late 2024 or early 2025. The film, a sequel to 2007’s I am Legend, began production in 2022 and is expected to be completed within the aforementioned timeframe. This will be nearly 20 years since the first installment, which was a massive success, was released.

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I Am Legend 2: Cast

Will Smith Return To His Role As Robert Neville In I Am Legend, And The Reveal That The Alternate I Am Legend Ending Is The Basis For The Sequel Means That His Appearance Won’t Be Limited To Flashbacks Or Experiment Log Footage. Smith’s performance in the first film, in which he was frequently the only human on screen, was exceptional.

Creed star Michael B. Jordan has also been announced as part of the I Am Legend 2. The American actor is one of the most well-known actors in modern Hollywood, having starred in such blockbuster films as Black Panther. He’s also won numerous awards.

Fans’ appetites have been whetted by the news that Michael B. Jordan will appear in the sequel to I Am Legend. He will play a leading role, but it remains to be seen what that role will be. Will he be connected to Smith’s Robert Neville in any way, or will he be his person? Time alone will tell.

What Will Be The Plot Of I Am Legend 2?

In the same interview with Deadline, Goldsman talked about some details of the sequel, including the fact that it will take place decades after the first part. He also said that he was a loyal fan of The Last of Us and talked about how beautiful the world was a few years after the end of the world. So, it will be interesting to see if The Last of Us video game series, now an HBO TV show, affects I Am Legend 2 when it comes out.

What Happened In I Am Legend Ending?

Will Smith died at the end of the theatre version of the movie “I Am Legend,” but he lived in the other ending. At the movie’s climax, Robert Neville and two human survivors, Anna and Ethan, are locked in a building while dangerous mutants try to break in and kill them.

Neville discovers that the cure he made for the female mutant he took captive is working. So, he gives Anna and Ethan the treatment, and then he heads out the door to face the mutants. He uses a grenade to kill the leader mutant and his followers. So, Anna and Ethan need to get to where people have been given a safe place to live and provide the cure for the military. This proves that Robert Neville is the hero who dies to save the world.

What Happened In I Am Legend Ending?

Was There An Alternate Ending?

Things are very different in the 2008 DVD version of the movie I Am Legend, which has an alternative ending. In the alternate end of “I Am Legend,” it turns out that the mutants have been after Neville because he took their leader’s girlfriend. The mutants are shown to be harmless creatures who want the female back. The mutants leave Neville alone after he gives the woman back to them. As a result, he, Anna, and Ethan go to the Human Sanctuary because he realizes it was wrong of him to kill many mutants to try to find a cure.

The book that the movie is based on, I Am Legend, was written by Richard Matheson in 1954. The other ending of the film is more like the book. This different ending was supposed to be accurate, but test audiences didn’t like it when they first saw the movie. The producers had to change it all because of this.

Over the years, many experts in the movie business have criticized I Am Legend’s theatrical ending and said that the alternate ending is more intelligent and philosophical than the cheaply emotional dramatic ending.

Even the film’s director has agreed with these claims and said that they only changed it because the other ending called into question Neville’s role as the film’s hero and main character. Since then, we’ve learned I Am Legend 2 will pick up a few decades after the first movie’s alternative ending.

Will The Dog From “I Am Legend” Return In The Sequel?

In I Am Legend 2, it has been confirmed that the beloved dog from the first film, Sam, will not be appearing. Sam played a crucial role as Neville’s loyal companion, providing him with companionship and sanity during his isolation. They formed a formidable team, accompanying each other on supply runs and their encounters with mutants.

Unfortunately, their partnership takes a tragic turn when Sam is bitten during a confrontation with dark seekers. As her transformation into a dark seeker progresses, Neville faces a difficult decision. He is left with no alternative but to end her life to prevent her from becoming a monster.

Will The Dog From I Am Legend Return In The Sequel

Where To Watch I Am Legend? 

You Can watch the I Am Legend on HBO Max, Netflix, and other streaming services. You can also buy or rent it on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, YouTube, Google Play Movies, Microsoft Store, Vudu, Redbox, and DirectTV.

Similar Movie Like I Am Legend

Many movies share similar themes or elements to “I Am Legend.” Here are a few examples of movies that you might enjoy if you liked “I Am Legend”:

  1. “28 Days Later” (2002) – This film also explores a post-apocalyptic world decimated by a deadly virus, leaving few survivors to fend for themselves against the infected.
  2. “The Road” (2009) – In a bleak and desolate world, a father and son struggle to survive as they journey towards the coast in search of safety and hope.
  3. “World War Z” (2013) – Based on the novel by Max Brooks, this film follows a former United Nations investigator as he travels the world searching for a way to stop a zombie pandemic that threatens to destroy humanity.
  4. “The Book of Eli” (2010) – This film follows a lone traveler as he journeys across a post-apocalyptic wasteland, carrying a mysterious book that may hold the key to humanity’s survival.
  5. “Children of Men” (2006) – In a future world where women have become infertile, the discovery of a pregnant woman gives hope to a society that has lost all hope for the future.

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