Vikram Vedha Get OTT Release Date On JioCinema! Are You Ready For The Epic Crime Thriller!

Vikram Vedha, the 2022 Hindi -language action thriller film remake of Tamil, has recently been one of the most talked-about movies. The movie starred Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan in lead roles and received critical acclaim for its gripping storyline and exceptional performances. With such immense popularity, it’s no surprise that fans have eagerly been waiting for Vikram Vedha to release on OTT platforms.

But when is Vikram Vedha’s OTT release date? This question has been on everyone’s minds since the announcement of its digital release. In this article, we will provide you with all the latest information about Vikram Vedha’s OTT release date and where you can watch it online.


Vikram Vedha Gets OTT Release Date

After a seven-month wait, Vikram Vedha, starring Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan, will premiere on an OTT platform. The remake of the Tamil film of the same name, directed by Pushkar and Gayatri, will premiere on JioCinema on May 12th, 2023.

Hrithik released the following statement regarding the digital premiere of Vikram Vedha:

“It has been a long wait of 7 months, but I’m thrilled that Vikram Vedha will be streaming on JioCinema from May 12th, 2023. This almost feels like a film release, and I’m feeling the pre-release jitters again.”

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Where Can We Watch Vikram Vedha On OTT?

Vikram Vedha, a film starring Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan, is available on the JioCinema app and website. Here is the JioCinema announcement regarding the same. It will be an intriguing launch, as Vikram Vedha will be the first 100 titles hosted on the streaming platform. JioCinema is currently attracting 400 million viewers, making Vikram Vedha’s OTT launch an unprecedented event on a never-before-seen scale.

About Vikram Vedha

Vikram Vedha, directed by Pushkar and Gayatri, is based on the Indian folktale Vikram Betal, also known as Baital Pachisi. The film tells the story of two anti-heroes: Vikram (Saif Ali Khan), a police officer, and Vedha (Hrithik Roshan), a gangster he intends to pursue and kill. Vedha surrenders voluntarily and tells Vikram a story that disrupts Vikram’s life.

Vikram Vedha Cast

Vikram Vedha stars Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan, two of Bollywood’s finest actors. Also featured in the film are Radhika Apte, Rohit Saraf, and Yogita Bihani.

Vikram Vedha Trailer

Vikram Vedha Official Trailer | Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan, Pushkar & Gayatri |IN CINEMAS 30 SEPT

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