Hunting Hitler Season 4: Will We Ever Get to Continue the Hunt?

Are you a fan of the popular show Hunting Hitler and eagerly waiting for the release of season 4? Well, you are not alone. The previous three seasons of this thrilling series have kept viewers on the edge of their seats as they follow a team of experts who investigate one of history’s greatest mysteries: Did Adolf Hitler die in his bunker during World War II? 

As each episode unfolds, audiences are taken on an international journey as the team explores potential hideouts and escape routes used by high-ranking Nazi officials to evade justice. With its gripping storyline and expert analysis, it’s no wonder that fans are clamoring for information on when they can expect to see Hunting Hitler season 4 hit their screens.

About Hunting Hitler

 ‘Hunting Hitler’ is an unusual historical television series on the History Channel. The show, directed by Jeffrey R. Daniels and Clint Lealos, examines the hypothetical scenario of Adolf Hitler’s escape from his Berlin bunker after World War II. If Hitler faked his death and escaped, as some declassified documents suggest, how and where could he have done so? This is the central question addressed by the show. Confused? Not to worry, we’ll explain shortly.

The premiere of Season 1 of ‘Hunting Hitler,’ consisting of eight episodes, occurred on November 10, 2015. It piqued the interest of World War II enthusiasts and scholars, prompting History to renew the series. Season 2, also consisting of eight episodes, premiered on November 15, 2016, and Season 3, also composed of eight episodes, premiered on December 26, 2017. 


Will There Be a Hunting Hitler Season 4?

According to premieredates, the hunt for Hitler cannot continue forever, and History canceled the show after its third season. Since Hunting Hitler’s third season aired its final episode in February 2018, no rumors or news indicate that the History Channel has plans to revive the show. For now, Hunting Hitler season 4 is not on the cards.

However, fans of the show should not give up hope just yet. Many TV shows have been resurrected years after their cancellation, and Hunting Hitler could be one of them. The show’s popularity and continued interest in the subject matter could lead to a revival in the future.

Hunting Hitler Season 4

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Cast of Hunting Hitler: Who is in it?

To investigate the possibility of Hitler’s escape and map his escape route, History painstakingly assembled experts from a variety of fields. Throughout the show’s first three seasons, it has featured former CIA operative Bob Baer, former terrorist targeting officer and terrorist networks expert Nada Bakos, former international war crimes investigator, professor, and criminologist Dr. John Cencich, US Army Special Forces operative Tim Kennedy, World War II historian James Holland, Special Forces Operator Mike Simpson, investigative journalist, and historian Gerry Williams, and former US Marshal and Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Robert Mueller.

Why “Hunting Hitler” was Cancelled: The History Channel’s Decision

In 2017, the History Channel confirmed that “Hunting Hitler” would not continue beyond its third season. According to Screenrant, the season was titled “Hunting Hitler: The Final Evidence,” making it clear that the network had no intention of producing a fourth season. But why was this popular show canceled?

Why Was Hunting Hitler Cancelled?

By promoting season 3 as the final season of Hunting Hitler, the History Channel may have felt that all investigation angles had been exhausted and that the show had run its course.

In contrast, over the course of its three seasons, Hunting Hitler received a substantial amount of criticism. Many of the show’s critics questioned its veracity and pointed out that a significant portion of its premise was based on unsubstantiated and disproven theories. Critics also felt that Hunting Hitler resembled a reality television program more than a serious investigation and trivialized the subject matter, which is somewhat insensitive when the subject is one of history’s most notorious dictators.

Hunting Hitler Season 4


Hunting Hitler was a fascinating show that captured the attention of viewers worldwide. Although it was canceled after its third season, fans of the show continue to wonder if there will be a fourth season. While no plans exist to revive Hunting Hitler, fans should not give up hope. In the world of television, anything is possible, and a fourth season of Hunting Hitler could happen in the future.

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