Does EZ die in Mayans Season 5? Does ‘Mayans M.C.’s Final Season Predict This Character’s Fate?

Mayans M.C. is coming to an end, which can only mean one thing: There was a lot of death. Mayans M.C. Season 5 Episode 9 is the show’s second-to-last episode, and the official trailer makes it sound like EZ’s luck is about to run out.

Next week, FX will air the ninth episode of Mayans MC’s fifth season, and it seems clear that this one will be big. How could it not, given that this is the second-to-last chapter? What happens here will almost certainly carry over to the end, and we don’t expect much more than more violence and the death of possible vital characters.


Is there a chance that EZ Reyes is one of them? We don’t think this will happen before the last show, but it seems possible. Just think about it this way: we’re talking about someone many people want dead. Episode 9 of Mayans M.C. showed how bad things can get for a gangster.

Felipe is over, but Angelo is still living. This is because the Sons of Anarchy were able to kill Felipe. This show is a sequel to Sons of Anarchy, a big hit on FX.

About Mayans Season 5

The fifth and final season of Mayans M.C., an American crime drama, premiered on FX on May 24, 2023. It consists of ten episodes and airs on Wednesdays in the United States. The series occurs in the same fictional universe as Sons of Anarchy and focuses on a rival motorcycle club.

The main cast includes J. D. Pardo as Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes, Emilio Rivera as Marcus Álvarez, and many others. The next episode of Mayans M.C. season 5 is set to air on Wednesday, July 12. The series finale, episode 10, titled “Slow to Bleed Fair Son,” will conclude the season.

The season has been building up to a dramatic conclusion, with the return of a Sons of Anarchy character and intense storylines. Overall, Mayans M.C. season 5 is the show’s final season and has been highly anticipated by fans. It promises to deliver a thrilling conclusion to the story of the Mayans motorcycle club.


Who is EZ in the Mayans MC series?

EZ Reyes is the main character in the Mayans M.C. series. Actor JD Pardo portrays him. EZ Reyes is a former golden boy who is fresh out of prison. He is a prospect in the Mayan MC charter on the California-Mexico border. EZ comes from a proud Mexican family whose cartel violence shattered the American dream.

He seeks vengeance for his family’s tragedy and is driven towards a life he never intended. EZ is the gifted son of his family and is portrayed as a talented individual. He wears a leather vest that reads “Prospect,” indicating his trainee status within the Mayans MC. Throughout the series, EZ navigates the struggles and challenges of being a prospect in the Mayans MC charter.

EZ Reyes is a complex character who undergoes personal growth and faces various obstacles throughout the series. His journey forms the central storyline of Mayans M.C.


Does EZ die in Mayans Season 5?

The fate of EZ Reyes, the main character of Mayans M.C., is uncertain as the show heads towards its finale in season 5. While no definitive answers exist, some spoilers and reviews suggest that EZ’s luck may be running out.

In episode 8, EZ suffers a significant loss, and in episode 9, multiple enemies unite against him, sealing his fate. However, whether he will die for the club or by choice is still being determined. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether EZ will survive until the end of the season or not.


What may happen to EZ in the final episode of Mayans M.C. Season 5?

The fate of EZ Reyes, the main character of Mayans M.C., is revealed in the final episode of season 5. In episode 10, titled “Slow to Bleed Fair Son,” EZ learns about his father’s apparent death and is left to deal with the aftermath.

The episode also features a tense confrontation between EZ and his enemies, including the Broken Saints and Isaac. However, despite the odds against him, EZ manages to survive the situation with the help of Johnny.

Cartermatt claims that The episode ends with EZ and Angel riding off into the sunset, leaving the future of the Mayans motorcycle club uncertain. Therefore, EZ survives in the final episode of Mayans M.C. season 5.


EZ might not get a happy ending in ‘Mayans M.C.’s last season

Not many characters in this world have happy ends, let alone get to live a life after going through this world. This season, Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) is “retired,” which is about as good of a finish as you can get in this show, but he isn’t happy with how things are now.

With the road of destruction that EZ has been on, which started to take shape when he brutally killed Gaby (Sulem Calderon) in Season 4, his story seems to be heading toward a sad end.

That was when the evil started to fall on him, and Season 5 is all about it. He’s become so set on protecting this club that he’s forgotten why he wanted this power in the first place. Instead, his hasty decisions are putting everyone in more danger. These decisions also go against what we first knew him to be like.

He was different from the others because of his schooling, his love of literature, and the fact that he always seemed to have something going on outside of the club. This means that EZ is in a dangerous position because of his arc this season and even returning to Season 4. We knew Jax’s goals because he wanted the best for his son.

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It’s unclear what drives EZ, who has lost touch with his family. Even his girlfriend Sofia (Andrea Cortes), who seems to be a part of the club at this point, isn’t enough to keep him from going crazy. Right now, power, money, and anything that helps Santo Padre drive him.

These things are precisely why he might lose sight of the road ahead, and he told Canche (Jimmy Gonzales) before killing him in Season 4: “I caught you slippin’.” At this point, all EZ has to do is make one small mistake, which could be too late for him.

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