Downton Abbey Season 7: Everything We Know So Far about This Series!

It is now rumored that Downton Abbey will make a comeback to television with a new series following six seasons and two films.

When the spin-off movie Downton Abbey: A New Era, which picked up with the Crawley family in 1928, was released in 2022, fans of the venerable historical drama were last brought back together.

It is believed that Downton will air again by the end of 2024, presumably examining how the most recent developments in society impact the Crawleys and their domestic workers once more.

For fans of high-society family drama, this is undoubtedly thrilling news, but how many of the rumors about Downton’s comeback are true? Here’s what we currently know about Downton Abbey’s potential comeback.

Downton Abbey Season 6

About Downton Abbey

“Downton Abbey” is a British history drama TV show that occurs at the start of the 20th century. Julian Fellowes created and co-wrote the show. It was shown for the first time in the UK on ITV on September 26, 2010, and in the US on January 9, 2011, as part of PBS’s Masterpiece Classics collection.

Will Downton Abbey return for a seventh season?

The first six seasons of Downton Abbey, which were based on events around the world in the post-Edwardian era between 1912 and 1926, were filmed at Highclere Castle in Hampshire. In the meantime, the two spin-off movies, which debuted in 2019 and 2022, were based on 1927 to 1928.

The Daily Mail claims that the seventh season is scheduled to premiere on ITV at the end of this year.

The publisher was informed by a source that “filming has been ongoing for a few weeks, and it is all very, very secret.” Some of the people working on it have never worked with such secrecy.

There is a lot of enthusiasm surrounding Downton’s comeback, even though those working on the set have had to sign non-disclosure agreements to keep the game secret.

“It seemed like a shame not to be able to make more of it, but they’ve made it happen. It was such a huge success before, and there are so many more stories to be told.”

When will Season 7 of Downton Abbey air?

Although the filming is being closely concealed, it is anticipated that the new series will premiere in late 2024. Although there is still no formal confirmation, it is anticipated that the show will stay on ITV, which aired its prior six series.

Downton Abbey Season 7: Is It Officially Renewed For Another Season?Downton Abbey Season 7: Is It Officially Renewed For Another Season?

What Is The Plot Of Downton Abbey?

Plot specifics are currently scarce since non-disclosure agreements were required of the cast and crew before they could begin work on the film.

But the last shots in Downton Abbey: A New Era, the second spin-off film, may hint at some possible developments.

Edith returned to work at her London-based magazine, while Daisy and Andy, the married servants, plotted to set up Daisy’s ex-father-in-law, Mr. Mason, with Mrs. Patmore, the Downton cook.

In other news, Molesley asked Miss Baxter to marry him, Tom and Lucy Branson brought Sybbie and their new baby back to Downton, and Dr. Clarkson determined that Lady Cora had curable pernicious anemia.

While Lady Mary was a major character in the film, her husband Henry Talbot (Matthew Goode) was not, and his extended absence from the marriage owing to an automobile rally caused significant strain. In the upcoming series, will they reconcile or will Mary pursue a new romantic partner?

Though Julian Fellowes, the program’s creator, is anticipated to build a new series around a handful of those characters, when the show returns, a few new faces will undoubtedly pop up upstairs and downstairs.

“It just gives me a lot of pleasure that so many people enjoyed the show,” said Fellowes. “So to feel that you created a show that cheers people up and they had a good time with it, I love that.”

Will Downton Abbey’s Original Cast Reappear for Season 7?

The seventh season of Downton Abbey may or may not feature the original cast. But a number of the cast members have indicated that they would like to come back. Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery, and Sophie McShera are among them.

The performers themselves will ultimately decide whether or not the original cast members return. There is a strong possibility that they will all return for a seventh season if their schedules allow it.

Naturally, though, because Dame Maggie Smith’s character, Violet, passed away after the second movie, season 7 will be without her.

Where will Season 7 of Downton Abbey air in the US?

In the United States, PBS aired the first six seasons. It is unclear if the broadcaster will keep the rights to the most recent series, but if there is a chance, some of the largest names in streaming will be eager to buy the rights. We’ll be sure to update you when we learn more.

Downtown Abbey

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Is a second Downton Abbey Christmas Special in the works?

Although there’s no word on whether another holiday special will air, given how well-received the past Christmas episodes were, it seems highly likely.

Downtown Abbey

Season 7 trailer for Downton Abbey

This one doesn’t currently have a trailer available, but we’ll keep you informed as soon as one does.

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