Berlin Season 2 Release Date, Renewed Confirmation & Everything You Need To Know

The show Money Heist is one of the most amazing things to ever happen on Netflix. Ted Sarandos’ streaming service took a show that was only moderately popular in Spain and turned it into a worldwide hit.

It was such a hit that more seasons were guaranteed until it got to a point where it could not be extended any further, no matter what.

Of course, Netflix wasn’t going to stop there. They had one more trick up their sleeve: a spin-off about Berlin, who was one of the most loved (and hated) figures! Berlin had a great past before he joined Money Heist, and it was time to show it.

They did that with the first season of their show a few months ago, and now it has been announced that there will be a second season.

berlin season 2

When will Season 2 of “Berlin” come out?

A lot of news outlets, like Variety and Screen Rant, say that the Money Heist sister show “Berlin” has been picked up for a second season on Netflix. Filming for the second season will start in 2025, but there is still no official date for when it will come out.

The first season started on December 29, 2023, and has stayed in the top 10 charts in 91 countries, with 53 million total views and 348 million hours watched.

Berlin, the main character of the show, gets a group of people together to try to pull off a risky heist at a Paris auction house.

Cast for Season 2 of Berlin

After the first season, the characters were in an exciting place, and the whole group of Berlin season 1 could come back. If there is a season 2, Pedro Alonso, as Berlin, would most likely be back.

How the first season ended made it seem like he planned to get his group back together for more adventures.

Fans can expect to see the group get back together, and it’s also likely that some new people will join.

In the second season of Berlin, Tristán Ulloa, Michelle Jenner, Pedro Alonso, Begoña Vargas, Joel Sánchez, Yuri D. Brown, Marcel Gonzalez, Miko Jarry, Julio Peña, and Julien Paschal are likely to play lead roles.

berlin season 2

To get more information about the upcoming series, explore our earlier posts where we’ve addressed all the details about its release.

What Happens in Season 2 of Berlin

In the fascinating spin-off series, we learn about Berlin’s (Pedro Alonso) fascinating past before he worked with his brother, The Professor (Alvaro Morte), terribly.

This story reveals the untold chapters of Berlin’s life, giving viewers a better understanding of the mysterious character’s past, goals, and the events that made him the dangerous character seen in the original Money Heist series.

After moving the main storyline to Berlin, the show looks at his journey, showing the events and choices that made him decide to work with The Professor on their big heist plans.

berlin season 2

Telling the story creates a patchwork of feelings that show how complicated Berlin’s character is and give fans a fuller picture of his role in the Money Heist world.

The spin-off promises to be an immersive experience, combining suspense, drama, and the usual intricate details of the Money Heist story. Pedro Alonso plays the lead part again with captivating charisma.

As people take this exciting trip through Berlin’s past, they are sure to find out about the compelling stories that happened before the famous partnership that wowed people all over the world.

berlin season 2

Where to watch Berlin Season 1?

You can watch Berlin Season 1 on Netflix, available for streaming on this platform.

The series is a prequel spin-off of the popular Netflix show Money Heist, focusing on the character Berlin as he assembles a skilled group of people in Paris to carry out a planned jewel heist.

The release date for Berlin Season 1 on Netflix was Friday, December 29, 2023. Berlin Season 1 consists of 8 episodes.

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