Loudermilk Season 4 – Renewed Status, Release Date, Cast, Plot & More!

Loudermilk is an American comedy-drama TV show that started on the AT&T Audience Network on October 17, 2017. Peter Farrelly and Bobby Mort made it. Critics and fans alike have praised the show for its witty banter, sharp humour, and honest look at addiction and recovery.

But it’s also had a lot of uncertainty and delays. Its original network, Audience, shut down before the third season aired, leaving the show without a home until 2021 when Amazon Prime Video picked it up. Now that the third season of Loudermilk is over, fans are wondering if there will be a fourth season or if the show will end up in the trash like its main character. In this article we tell you everything about the loudermilk season 4.

Loudermilk season 4

Loudermilk Season 4: Renewed Status

According to sources,. Loudermilk Season 4 has not been renewed yet by Amazon Prime Video. Neither Amazon Prime Video nor any other network has officially said or confirmed that Loudermilk will be back for a fourth season. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen or isn’t likely to happen.

Farrelly told Deadline that he is very hopeful that Loudermilk will get another season and has been talking to different networks and online services about picking up the show. He said he’s sure someone will see the show’s promise and quality and give it a shot. He also said that he was thankful that Amazon Prime Video gave the show a new home and audience and hoped to keep working with them.

Farrelly also said that he has a lot of ideas and stories for Season 4 and beyond and that he’s still deciding whether to give up on the show or the characters. He said he wants to keep making Loudermilk for as long as possible and thinks it can go on for at least three or four more seasons.

Loudermilk Season 4 Renewed Status

Loudermilk Season 4: Poteinal Release Date

Loudermilk Season 4 hasn’t been given an official release date yet, many things have happened that could set the stage for another set of episodes. But we can make some educated guesses based on when the past seasons came out and when they were made.

The first season of Loudermilk in October 2017 and the second season in October 2018. The third season was finished in 2019 but only aired in Canada or the US in December 2020 or April 2021 because Audience shut down, and Amazon bought it. That means the second and third seasons came two years apart. That means that Season 4 of Loudermilk might come out at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024, based on how quickly things move.

Of course, this is a guess; other things or delays could change the release date. We can only hope that Loudermilk will be renewed soon so we can see more of Sam and his friends’ funny and touching adventures.

Loudermilk Season 4: Poteinal Cast

If Season 4 gets the go-ahead, we can expect to see most of the critical cast back for more laughs and tears. That means Ron Livingston plays Sam Loudermilk, Will Sasso plays Ben Burns, Anja Savcic plays Claire Wilkes, Laura Mennell plays Allison Montgomery, Brian Regan plays Mugsy O’Flaherty, Jackie Flynn plays Tony Perkis Jr., Ricky Blitt plays Carl Moorehouse, Viv Leacock plays Reardon Granger, Brendan McNamara plays Casey Moorehouse, and Tyler Layton-Olson plays Roger.

But it might be hard to get the group back together since they all got out of their contracts when Audience went out of business. Farrelly said that he hopes to have them all back for Season 4 but also noted that some may already have other plans or offers. He said he would make it work with their dreams and availability.

Farrelly also said that in Season 4, he wants to add some new people to the show, including some big-name guest stars. He hasn’t said who he wants to cast yet, but he said he has some thoughts. He also said that he wants to bring back some of the characters from earlier seasons, like Tom (Eric Keenleyside), Jane (Matreya Scarrwener), Ed (Mark Brandon), Meg (Toby Levins), and Cutter (Willie Garson).

Loudermilk Season 4 Poteinal Cast

What Will Happen In Loudermilk Season 4?

Sam and his friends went to Canada for a funeral in the third season of Loudermilk. There, Sam ran into his old flame, Allison (Laura Mennell) and had to deal with some unresolved problems from his past. While Claire worked on her music career, Ben tried to deal with his breakup and feelings for Claire. At the end of the season, Sam and Allison chose to stay in Canada, and Ben told Claire he loved her and asked her to move in with him.

So, what should we look forward to in Season 4? Peter Farrelly, who makes the show, says that this will be the year that Loudermilk gets his mojo back. Farrelly told Deadline that Sam will become a big success as a writer and podcaster in Season 4, which will get the attention of celebrities and media outlets. He also hinted that Sam will face new problems, like fame, money, and jealousy.

Farrelly also said that Season 4 will show more of the characters’ backgrounds and histories and their interactions with each other. He said he wanted to go deeper into Ben’s story and add some new characters who would shake things up for the group.

What Will Happen In Loudermilk Season 4

Where To Watch Loudermilk Season 4?

When Loudermilk first started, it wasn’t easy to get people to watch it. The first and second seasons were available exclusively on AT&T, while the third season can be watched on Amazon Prime Video. When Season 4 is released, you will be able to watch it on the same platform or any other platform.

Is There A Trailer Available For Loudermilk Season 4?

No, there is no trailer available for Loudermilk season 4. For now, you can watch the trailer for season 3 below.

Loudermilk | Season 3 Trailer

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