Miss Scarlet and the Duke Season 5: Is it Officially Renewed? Everything You Need To Know!

Miss Scarlet and The Duke, a Victorian-era drama, has already solved a lot of riddles in its four seasons. The real question is whether the show will come back for a fifth season.

Because the show is so easy to follow, it has been renewed for more seasons. Season 5 hasn’t come out yet, but it looks like it will happen soon.

miss scarlet and the duke

Will there be a Season 5 of Miss Scarlet and the Duke?

As of early 2024, Miss Scarlet and The Duke has not been publicly picked up for a fifth season, as per reports of Screenrant.

But because the show has always been popular and has been picked up for more seasons quickly in the past, Season 5 is likely to be released soon.

Season 5’s plot could see Eliza and The Duke get back together or drift further apart. There could also be interesting cases for Eliza to solve.

miss scarlet and the duke

In Season 5, the main group, including Kate Phillips and Stuart Martin, is likely to play the same parts again. The show’s renewal situation is still unknown, so fans should check back for official news.

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How did Season 4 of Miss Scarlet and the Duke end?

Sportskeeda says that the end of The Duke and Miss Scarlet In Season 4, Eliza Scarlet goes in a different direction, and the Duke comes to terms with how he feels about her.

Eliza starts out running a branch of Patrick Nash’s detective agency, but she ends up going her own way.

The Duke decides to leave London because he wants to do a secondment in America and tells Eliza how he feels about her.

miss scarlet and the duke

At the end of the season, Eliza starts her own business and comes out from behind her father, Nash, and the Duke. This sets her up for a future of true freedom.

There are also signs in this season of a love triangle between Eliza, the Duke, and Patrick. This could be a big part of the next season. The show’s extension for Season 5 is still up in the air, so fans should stay tuned for official news.

Where can we watch Miss Scarlet and the Duke seasons 1 to 4?

miss scarlet and the duke

There are several ways to watch all four seasons of Miss Scarlet and The Duke. If you are a PBS Passport member in the US, you can watch all episodes of the show, even Season 4. One more place to watch the show is on Now TV.

The show can be seen by Amazon Prime members through the Amazon PBS | MASTERPIECE program. There is a free trial, and after that, there is a monthly fee.

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