Shrinking Season 2 Renewed at Apple+: Expected Release Date, Plot & Cast Revealed!

Shrinking Season 2 is now definitely being made again. The 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes caused the next season of the Apple TV+ show to be filmed later than planned at first.

But now that both strikes are over, work is getting done again and things are back to normal. A lot of people liked the first season of Shrinking because it was funny and showed sadness in a new way.

With the way the group performed, it’s easy to see why the show was renewed. So far, this is what we know about Season 2 of Shrinking.

shrinking season 2

Shrinking Season 2 is confirmed

Shrinking will have a second season, and it may have been officially revived before it was made public. For The Hollywood Reporter, Segel, Lawrence, and Goldstein said that they have planned a three-season story arc for the characters.

Three seasons of Shrinking were probably pitched to Apple. Because Lawrence has a great working relationship with Apple, all three seasons could have been picked up right away.

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Cast for Season 2: Who Will Come Back?

shrinking season 2

The cast of Shrinking is full of big names, and most of them are likely to come back. The main actors who are coming back are Jason Segel as Jimmy Laird and Harrison Ford as Dr. Paul Rhoades. Gabriely will also be played by Jessica Williams again.

As long as Jimmy is still trying to fix things with his daughter, Lukita Maxwell’s character Alice will also be back. Jimmy’s best friend Brian (Michael Urie), Jimmy’s neighbor Liz (Christa Miller), and Paul’s daughter Meg (Lily Rabe) are also set to join the group for Season 2.

Grace, played by Heidi Gardner, did some shocking things in the finale, which also makes her a strong possibility for a return in Season 2. Here is an overview of which actors are likely to return in Shrinking Season 2:

shrinking season 2

  • Jason Segal¬†as Jimmy Laird
  • Harrison Ford¬†as Paul
  • Jessica Williams¬†as Gaby
  • Lukita Maxwell¬†as Alice
  • Luke Tennie¬†as Sean
  • Michael Urie¬†as Brian
  • Christa Miller¬†as Liz
  • Ted McGinley¬†as Derek
  • Lily Rabe¬†as Meg

When and Where does Season 2 of Shrinking come out?

The second season of Shrinking should be available on Apple TV+ by the beginning of 2024. If the Writers Guild of America and SAG Aftra players go on strike, it could also come out in the middle to late 2024, according to The Direct.

Story of Shrinking Season 2

Screenrant says that Another one of Jimmy’s victims, Grace (Heidi Gardner), pushes her abusive boyfriend off a cliff at the end of Shrinking Season 1.

shrinking season 2

If this goes through, Jimmy might lose his job as a therapist because he joked earlier that Grace should “boop” her man off a cliff, and he didn’t see any signs that Grace was capable of doing that.

However, Lawrence said that in Shrinking Season 2, “They’re not gonna be in a courtroom,” which suggests that there will be some kind of cover-up. This suggests that the show will include more crime.

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