Poker Face Season 2 Release Date, Renewed Confirmation & Everything You Need To Know

Poker Face Season 2 had a significant loss when it came to when it might air on Peacock. Poker Face is a murder mystery show created by Rian Johnson (Knives Out).

It follows Natasha Lyonne’s character, Charlie Cale, as she becomes involved in the deaths of several people that don’t seem to have any apparent cause.

Poker Face’s first ten episodes aired on January 26, 2023. After getting good reviews from fans and reviewers, the show was picked up for a second season in February 2023.

After the thrilling end of the first season, everyone looks forward to the much-anticipated second season of Poker Face.

Poker Face season 2

Poker Face Season 2 Officially Renewed!

In February 2023, the show was renewed for a second season by Peacock  the renewal shortly after the season 1 finale. The announcement was made official on Twitter by Peacock. In their post, Peacock wrote:

Charlie Cale isn’t done yet. Poker Face will be back for Season 2! No bullsh*t.

What Is The Release Date For Poker Face Season 2?

According to Variety, The premiere was supposed to happen in 2023, but Peacock has publicly announced that it will happen in 2024 instead. This is because of the Writers Guild of America strike. This new information has excited fans and created engaging scenarios about how the series’ story will continue.

The exciting story built up in the first season will continue to engage in the following shows, even though the plot of season 2 is being kept secret. The ending of the first season, with the main character, Charlie Cale, in a situation after solving a murder mystery, gives us a sneak peek at an exciting new part of her journey.

According to The Direct, Poker Face Season 2 release date has not been officially announced by Peacock yet. After Peacock announced the series in March 2021, Poker Face Season 1 aired in January 2023.

Johnson was also seen on Twitter supporting the writer of Poker Face, Gillian Flynn, saying that the writers should “get a fair deal:”

Lilla Zuckerman, who runs the show Poker Face, made it clear on Twitter that she, too, backs the strike.

Because Johnson and Zuckerman are entirely behind the WGA, writing for the series has stopped, so shooting won’t start until after the strike. Due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the second season of Poker Face shouldn’t come out until at least the middle of 2024.

Poker Face Season 2 Cast: Who Will Return?

The cast of Poker Face will be one of the most exciting things about the show’s return, thanks to the grand main character and the exciting guest stars in each episode.

Given what happened at the end of season 1, it seems likely that Natasha Lyonne and Rhea Perlman will be back for season 2, but who else might join them is still up in the air.

The way the story is set up in Poker Face means that Charlie pops in and out of the lives of many different people. FBI agent Luke Clark (Simon Helberg) and Charlie’s sister Emily Cale (Clea DuVall) could be back in Poker Face season 2 as Charlie looks for help while on the run.

Poker Face has at least one death in every episode, so Johnson and Lyonne may use their connections in Hollywood to find enough guest stars for a whole season for its second run.

There is a lot of support for Poker Face season 1’s model being used again, and the idea of another long list of guest stars will lead to a lot of talk.

Fans of Poker Face have their favourite players for season 2, whether they play the murderer or a character who dies because they cross Charlie’s string of bad luck.

Johnson could also use the stars of Knives Out or Glass Onion since he has already said he wants Jamie Lee Curtis to be in Poker Face season 2.

Poker Face Season 2 Cast Who Will Return

Poker Face Season 2 Plot: What Will Happen?

In the season 1 finale, Poker Face clarifies that season 2 will be about Beatrix Hasp (Rhea Perlman) and her chase of Charlie. Since Charlie has gotten away from Cliff LeGrand (Benjamin Bratt), who is going to jail for killing Sterling Frost Sr. (Ron Perlman), he can start over.

But when Hasp calls, Charlie has to decide whether to work for her or die. Poker Face season 2 should pick up after Charlie breaks her phone and drives off in her 1969 Plymouth Barracuda.

It’s unclear where Charlie will run next, but her relationship with Luka Clark in season 1 could help her when she’s on the run again. Also, the fact that her sister Emily was introduced in episode 10 of season 1 of Poker Face, called “The Hook,” opens up another way for the story.

Poker Face will keep making episodes like Murder She Wrote and Columbo, which made the show so famous. This gives the show’s writing team, led by Johnson, many options.

Poker Face Season 2 Plot: What Will Happen?

Where To Watch Poker Face Season 2?

You can watch the Poker Face Season 2 on Peacock when it’s released.

Is There A Trailer For Poker Face Season 2?

No there is no trailer for Poker Face Season 2. You can watch the Poker Face Season 1 trailer below.

Poker Face | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

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