Top 20+ Trending Web Series in India Right Now [2023]

As a savvy viewer in today’s digital age, you have a plethora of entertainment options to choose from. While blockbuster movies and popular TV shows continue to capture widespread attention, web series have emerged as a creative force enabling innovative storytelling. Whether seeking comedy, drama, or something in between, web series offer short-form content tailored to diverse interests and schedules. Tracking trending web series provides an opportunity to discover fresh voices and support independent artists. Although some web series go on to become cultural phenomena, many remain hidden gems awaiting discovery by open-minded viewers willing to venture outside mainstream media. For those seeking entertainment that pushes creative boundaries, delving into trending web series may prove rewarding. By turning an eye to the innovative storytelling found in web series, you open yourself to new creative voices and unique perspectives.


Below is a list of Trending Web Series To Watch Right Now:

Series Title Genres First Air Date Original Network
The Family Man Thriller, Action, Spy fiction September 20, 2019 Amazon Prime Video
Sacred Games Thriller, Neo-noir, Mystery, Drama, Crime fiction, Conspiracy fiction July 6, 2018 Netflix
TVF Pitchers Comedy drama June 3, 2015 The Viral Fever
Stranger Things Horror, Supernatural, Horror fiction, Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Historical drama July 15, 2016 Netflix
Kota Factory Drama April 16, 2019 TVFPlay (S1), Netflix (S2)
Panchayat Comedy drama April 3, 2020 Amazon Prime Video
Asur Psychological thriller, Crime fiction, Crime TV genre March 2, 2020 Voot
Gullak Comedy, Drama June 27, 2019 SonyLIV
Game of Thrones Serial, Action, Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Tragedy, Fantasy television April 17, 2011 HBO
Breaking Bad Serial, Drama, Crime film, Dark comedy, Thriller, Suspense, Tragedy, Crime January 20, 2008 AMC
Money Heist Heist, Drama, Thriller May 2, 2017 Netflix
Black Mirror Dystopia, Anthology series, Science fiction, Thriller, Satire, Speculative December 4, 2011 Channel 4 (S1-S2), Netflix (S3-S5)
Little Things Comedy, Drama October 25, 2016 Dice Media, Netflix
Narcos Drama, Crime film, Crime TV genre, Biographical August 28, 2015 Netflix
The Witcher Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Adventure fiction, Action fiction December 20, 2019 Netflix
Apharan Action, Thriller, Crime, Drama December 14, 2018 ALTBalaji
The Crown History, Drama, Historical drama November 4, 2016 Netflix
House of Cards Drama, Political drama, Political thriller February 1, 2013 Netflix
Hostages Mystery, Thriller, Crime fiction May 31, 2013 CBS
Sex Education Adolescence, Drama, Comedy drama, Sex comedy, Coming-of-age story, Comedy January 11, 2019 Netflix
Dark Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Supernatural, Tragedy December 1, 2017 Netflix
Orange Is the New Black Crime, Drama, Comedy drama, Television comedy, Comedy July 11, 2013 Netflix
Scam 1992 Drama, Biography, Financial thriller October 9, 2020 SonyLIV
The Great Indian Murder Drama, Mystery, Crime film 2023 Disney+ Hotstar


The Family Man:

The Family Man – Official Trailer | Raj & DK | Manoj Bajpayee | Amazon Original | Watch Now

An everyday man secretly moonlighting as an intelligence officer, fighting terrorists while managing a quirky family at home. This thrilling action-packed series will have you on the edge of your seat!

Sacred Games:

Sacred Games 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Dive into the gritty underbelly of Mumbai, where crime, politics, and religious fervour intermingle. An honest cop, a fugitive gangster, and a city on the brink of chaos – an epic tale woven with thrilling mystery and high-stakes drama.

TVF Pitchers:

TVF Pitchers - New Season | Official Trailer | Streaming now only on ZEE5

A rollercoaster ride into the world of startups! Follow four friends who ditch their mundane jobs to follow their dreams. A perfect blend of comedy, drama, friendship, and beer!

Stranger Things:

Stranger Things Season 1 Trailer 1 | Rotten Tomatoes TV

1980s nostalgia meets paranormal horror in a small American town. A group of kids encounters government secrets, alternate dimensions, and one very special girl with psychic powers. Spine-chilling and utterly captivating!

Kota Factory:

Witness the trials and tribulations of students in the educational hub of Kota, where dreams of cracking IIT exams rule everyone’s life. It’s a stark, black-and-white portrait of ambition, struggle and the quest for success.


Panchayat - Official Trailer | New Series 2020 | TVF | Amazon Prime Video

Join an urban boy’s hilarious adventures in rural India. Posted as a secretary in a remote village, his struggles make for a comedy-drama filled with unique characters and unforgettable escapades.


Asur on Voot | Welcome to Your Dark Side | Theatrical Trailer | Voot Select

A riveting blend of mythology and forensics! Asur takes you on a gripping journey into the mind of a serial killer guided by Indian mythological mysteries. A psychological thriller that blurs the lines between good and evil!


Gullak | Trailer | All episodes 27 June on SonyLIV

Get a glimpse into the heartwarming world of a quintessential Indian middle-class family. Filled with laughter, love, squabbles, and dreams, this comedy-drama is a nostalgia-filled ride!

Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones | Official Series Trailer (HBO)

Enter the ruthless, fantastical world of Westeros, where royal families vie for the Iron Throne. With political intrigue, brutal battles, dragons and the undead, this series is a visual and emotional feast.

Breaking Bad:

Breaking Bad Trailer (First Season)

Follow the transformation of a humble chemistry teacher into a feared methamphetamine producer and kingpin. It’s a gripping, tragic journey through the world of crime, punctuated by dark comedy.

Money Heist:

Money Heist | Series Trailer | Netflix

The perfect crime? Maybe. A mysterious mastermind recruits eight criminals for the biggest heist on the Royal Mint of Spain. Expect heart-stopping thrills, passionate camaraderie, and a freedom anthem that will echo in your ears.

Black Mirror:

Black Mirror | Trailer [HD] | Netflix

A dystopian vision of a future shaped by technology. Each episode explores a new, often horrifying, scenario. This chilling anthology is a critique of modern society, wrapped in thrilling science fiction.

Little Things:

Little Things | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

A charming exploration of modern relationships, Little Things captures the nuances of millennial love. Through trials, happiness, routines and milestones, it’s all about the ‘little things’ that make life worth living.


Narcos - Main Trailer - Netflix [HD]

Delve into the rise and fall of the infamous Pablo Escobar and the brutal world of drug cartels. This gripping biographical crime drama is a raw, ruthless exploration of power and addiction.

The Witcher:


In a world of magic, monsters and treachery, Geralt of Rivia, a solitary monster hunter, navigates destiny, love, and complex moral dilemmas. An exciting fantasy series teeming with dark enchantments!


अपहरण | Apahran Season 1 | Sabka Katega | Arunoday Singh | Mahie Gill | ALTBalaji

An action-packed, crime drama filled with twists and turns. When a retired cop is drawn into a kidnapping case, he gets entangled in the underworld. It’s a thrilling throwback to 70s Bollywood.

The Crown:

The Crown | Official Trailer | Netflix

Unravel the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the drama behind the British monarchy. It’s a magnificent saga of power, traditions, personal sacrifices, and the weight of the crown.

House of Cards:

House of Cards | Series Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Witness the ruthless rise of Frank Underwood, a cunning politician with ambitions that know no bounds. It’s a compelling political thriller that uncovers the dark underbelly of Washington D.C.


Hostages - Official Trailer | Hotstar Specials

When a renowned surgeon is ordered to kill the Chief Minister in exchange for her family’s safety, a tense and thrilling saga begins. In this deadly game, no one is innocent!

Sex Education:

Sex Education Season 1 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

A teenager, who’s more familiar with sex theory than practice, starts a sex advice clinic in his school. An unusual comedy-drama that is frank, funny, and a sensitive guide to adolescence.


DARK Season 1 Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Netflix Mystery TV Series HD

A child’s disappearance exposes secrets and a mysterious time travel conspiracy that spans several generations. It’s a mind-bending thriller with a tragic twist, full of mysteries waiting to be unravelled.

Orange Is the New Black:

Orange Is The New Black - Season 1 - Official Trailer [HD]

A privileged New Yorker ends up in a women’s prison and navigates life on the inside. It’s a touching, funny, and sometimes harsh exploration of life behind bars.

Scam 1992:

Scam 1992 – The Harshad Mehta Story | Official Trailer | Streaming from 09-10-2020

Based on a real-life scandal, this series chronicles the spectacular rise and catastrophic fall of stockbroker Harshad Mehta. A thrilling, cautionary tale of ambition, greed, and the intoxicating power of money.

The Great Indian Murder:

Hotstar Specials The Great Indian Murder | Official Trailer | February 4th | DisneyPlus Hotstar

A gripping murder mystery that revolves around a high-profile murder in a politically charged environment. Every episode is a tantalizing step towards uncovering the truth, wrapped in layers of deception and power play.


As the on-demand entertainment landscape continues to expand, web series have emerged as a creative medium to tell diverse, unique stories. Whether you’re interested in comedy, drama, sci-fi, or documentary, there are many options to choose from. While production values and episodic length can vary, the opportunity to discover fresh voices and support independent creators is appealing. So take a chance on a web series that intrigues you. You just might find a hidden gem that hooks you right in and leaves you eagerly awaiting the next episode. The world of web series has something for everyone if you’re willing to explore. Dive in and happy viewing!

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