Is the winner of Survivor 44 Yam Yam a Gay? Discover the Truth Behind His Sexual Orientation

Yam Yam is the clear winner of Survivor 44. His excellent clever play throughout the whole season left everyone in awe. He won the game because he was able to make precise and well-thought-out moves in the dangerous seas of the game.

Yam’s ability to make allies, plan blindsides, and adapt to always-changing situations was unique. But his success on the show has made people very curious about his personal life. The question “Is Yam Yam on Survivor 44 gay?” is all over the internet.

Yam Yam Arocho

Is Survivor’s Yam Yam gay?

Hollywood Life says that Yam Yam is a gay. Yam Yam is a very sure of himself and confident person who happily embraces that he is a gay man.

As the sun shines on Survivor’s exciting and eagerly awaited 44th season, Yam Yam stands tall as one of six amazing gay contestants. Frannie Marin, Josh Wilder, Claire Rafson, Carolyn Wiger, and Matthew Grinstead-Mayle were also in this new season.

Yam Yam Arocho

They all add to the rich and varied tapestry of the show. Each contestant brings their strengths, personalities, and viewpoints, making for an exciting and inclusive experience that celebrates the beauty of variety.

Many people look up to Yam Yam because he is honest and brave and stays true to himself even as he faces challenges and makes connections in the game.

yam yam arocho

With their status as a group, Yam Yam and the other gay contestants are leaving an indelible mark on Survivor. They show us all the power of participation and how important it is to be ourselves.

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Is Yam Yam married?

Yes, Yam Yam has been married to Karim Saenz since 2021. Yam Yam always puts pictures of his husband, Karim Saenz, on Instagram. The wedding was on March 22, 2021, in San Juan. On the first anniversary of their marriage, Yam Yam paid respect to Karim on Instagram. He wrote:

“The memories of this year have been for the better and a journey of growth. Thank you for allowing us to live together all these days and grow from each experience, conversation, laughter, and tear.

I love you!”

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