Is Maya Hawke Gay? Let’s Explore The Truth Behind His Sexual Orientation

Maya Hawke’s sexuality has become a hot topic online due to her role as Robin in Netflix’s Stranger Things season. Robin, introduced in season 3 of the popular web series, initially served as a love interest for Steve. However, the show’s creators took a different direction by revealing Robin as gay, sparking discussions about Hawke’s portrayal.

Who is Maya Hawke?

Maya Hawke, an American actress, model, and musician, has gained recognition for her notable roles. Born on July 8, 1998, she is currently 23 years old. Maya Hawke’s parents are Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, and she shares a brother named Levon with them.

Additionally, she has a half-sister named Luna from Uma Thurman’s previous relationship. One of Maya Hawke’s prominent achievements is her portrayal of Robin Buckley in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. Furthermore, she has made a mark in the music industry, having released her debut album, Blush, in June 2020, followed by her second album, Moss, in November 2021.

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Is Maya Hawke gay?

Maya has not publicly addressed whether or not she is gay, but we can confidently state that Maya Hawke is not gay, according to The Shahab. Her romantic history provides proof of this. The actress has solely dated male actors in the past.

Maya Hawke’s ex-boyfriends include Tom Sturridge, an English actor who has worked in film, television, and theatre. In 2020, Maya Hawke and Tom Sturridge were romantically linked after being sighted together in public areas, including New York City and the Hamptons.


Although they never said so publicly, it was clear that the two were an item. After being together for nearly 18 months, they decided to part ways. Maya’s current boyfriend is the singer and dancer Spencer Barnett.

He is the son of successful businessman Roger Barnett (CEO of the American company Sharklee Corporation, which makes and sells nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and household goods) and accomplished lawyer Sloan Barnett, Barnett is also well-known in his own right.

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How Has Maya Hawke Responded To Questions About Her Sexuality?

Maya Hawke’s alleged coming out as queer in September 2022, as reported by, suggests that she described herself as queer and expressed her long-standing identification with the term. According to the report, Hawke found the word “queer” empowering despite its associated challenges. Additionally, she expressed her desire to utilize her platform to support individuals grappling with their own identities.

However, a thorough internet search fails to yield the mentioned Vogue interview, casting doubt on the authenticity of these claims. Consequently, it cannot be confirmed that Maya Hawke has publicly acknowledged her queerness. Nevertheless, the actress and musician demonstrate her happiness in portraying queer characters on screen and creating music that resonates with the queer community. It is worth noting that this topic holds significant importance to her and is not something she would casually jest about.

In What Movies Has Maya Hawke Portrayed Gay Characters?

Maya Hawke, known for her roles in the movie “Do Revenge” and the TV series “Stranger Things,” has skillfully portrayed gay characters, igniting speculation about her own sexuality. Her outstanding performances in both projects have played a significant role in fueling these rumors.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things maya hawken

In 2016, Netflix introduced “Stranger Things,” a sci-fi series set in a fictional Indiana town. The storyline revolves around the mysterious disappearance of a young boy and various supernatural occurrences in the town. The show showcases talented actors such as Millie Bobby Brown, Gatten Matarazzo, and Maya Hawke.

Maya Hawke plays the significant role of Robin Buckley, a coworker of the attractive and popular jock named Steve. Initially, it is believed that Robin has a crush on Steve, but in season three, it is revealed that she actually has feelings for Tammy Thompson, one of Steve’s many female admirers. Robin confides in Steve about her sexual orientation, coming out as gay, and they engage in a meaningful conversation that strengthens their friendship.

In season four, Robin’s character develops a crush on a fellow female classmate named Vicki. Interestingly, Maya Hawke herself was unaware of Robin’s sexual orientation until the filming process. She enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to shape the role and is proud to have portrayed the first openly gay character in the widely popular show, which has viewers across America and beyond.

Maya Hawke expressed gratitude to the show’s creators for dedicating substantial time to Robin’s coming out journey, recognizing the significance of such a gesture. The actress considers herself fortunate to have played the role and hopes that Robin’s sexuality will be further explored, potentially leading to her character finding a girlfriend in future seasons.

Do Revenge

Do Revenge maya hawken

Maya Hawke took on the role of Eleanor in the Netflix dark comedy film “Do Revenge,” which premiered in 2022. The movie follows the familiar Hollywood theme of teenagers seeking vengeance against those who have betrayed them. The main characters, Drea and Eleanor, each have their own motivations for revenge. Drea aims to retaliate for a leaked nude video, while Eleanor seeks retribution against the person who exposed her as gay and falsely accused her of forcibly kissing another girl.

In the story, Eleanor’s character initiates a flirtation with a cool skater girl named Talia at school. Their relationship progresses, leading to a passionate kiss on a busy sidewalk. Although Talia and Eleanor face challenges that strain their bond, they ultimately reconcile, sharing intimate moments, including kissing and engaging in other activities, depicted in scenes shown during the movie credits.

Maya’s portrayal of Eleanor and the romantic storyline received praise from her fans. They had eagerly anticipated her character in Stranger Things to experience some romantic encounters, but their hopes were never fulfilled.

Music Video for 2022 Single – ‘Thérèse’

Maya Hawke actively champions the LGBTQ community through her music. In her 2022 single, ‘Thérèse,’ she conveys a distinctively queer message through an explicit video that showcases a sex orgy scene. Hawke characterizes the song as a reference to clandestine spaces we construct to escape a frequently misconstrued world. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of battling for self-love, body acceptance, and love for others.

Who is Maya Hawke Now dating?

Maya Hawke and Spencer Barnett

When we learn that Robin, whose actual name is Maya Hawke, is dating the fascinating musician Spencer Barnett, we glimpse her intriguing personal life. Maya’s brother Levan Hawke arranged their first date, and they tried to conceal their relationship for a while.

This couple has a four-year age difference but has similar ground with each other’s families. Spencer Barnett, the son of the late Manhattan District Attorney Sloan Barnett, and Roger Barnett, an executive at Shaklee Corporation, is a well-known musician. The music in Spencer’s life is eclectic, ranging from indie to rock to pop.

Who is Spencer Barnett?

Spencer Barnett

Spencer Barnett is a young, talented singer/songwriter born in New York in 2002. He grew up in Manhattan and the San Francisco Bay Area, the son of Shaklee Corporation CEO Roger Barnett and former Manhattan district attorney Sloan Barnett.

He began writing his music in his early teens, inspired by artists. Spencer Barnett emerged in 2015, playing cover songs before issuing his romantic 2017 single “Whatever.” He is known for his soulful pop music and has been involved in the music industry since his teenage years.

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