Is Louise Cooney pregnant? How did she meet her boyfriend?

Celebrity news and gossip often ignite a frenzy of speculation and curiosity, and one recent rumor has sent fans and followers into a frenzy.

The whispers surrounding the beloved fashion influencer, Louise Cooney, have sparked a burning question: Is Louise Cooney pregnant?

As the world eagerly awaits confirmation or denial of this rumor, it’s crucial to approach the topic with sensitivity and respect for the individual’s privacy.

Louise Cooney

Is Louise Cooney pregnant?

Yes, Louise Cooney is pregnant. She announced the news on her Instagram account on May 23, 2023. She is expecting her first child with her partner Mark Sweeney. In a recent episode of her Open Book podcast, Louise confirmed that she is four months pregnant.

Louise Cooney said she and her longtime boyfriend, Mark, are having their first child. Sunday, the influencer shared her good news on social media by sharing a picture of her baby scan.

The Limerick celebrity took a picture with Mark and the scan and wrote on Instagram:

“Soon to be 3. We’ve never known this much happiness and excitement. #2023baby”.

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How did Louise Cooney and Mark Sweeney be in a relationship?

Louise Cooney and Mark Sweeney met online at the beginning of the pandemic. They started dating during the lockdown, which made it easy for them to fall for each other without any distractions. Louise Cooney has shared a sweet tribute to her boyfriend, Mark Sweeney.

They moved in together in January 2023. Louise Cooney has revealed her joy as she’s taking a massive step in her relationship with her boyfriend, Mark Sweeney. They are expecting their first child together. 

Louise Cooney

The 29-year-old business owner and promoter Mark Sweeney met her partner online at the pandemic’s start. She says falling in love with him was easy because there were ‘no distractions’ like social responsibilities. Louise, who was born in Limerick and now lives in Dublin, said

 “We met online. It was Covid and it was that weird thing where you meet for a walk.

“We just clicked and it’s worked out really well. It was nice to have that lockdown time, where there was no frills, or restaurants, or trips away, or hotels, or anything like that — it was very low key.

“We got to know each other properly without any distractions or other commitments.”

More About Louise Cooney

The soon-to-be mom has her sportswear brand, which she started last year, giving her two businesses in a year. With Cloo, the 30-year-old wants to make a line of activewear for women that uses a mix of fabrics she has been working on during lockdown.

Louise Cooney

This came out after Louise started her own drinks business with West Cork Distillers and worked with them for two years on low-calorie wine spritzers. The new clothing line was made in China but was designed in Ireland. It lets Louise mix her love of fashion with her love of working out.

It comes in seven styles and three colors: soft pink, grey, and black. It costs between €35 and €95 and comes in sizes 6–18, with more coming soon.

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