Who Is Landon Mcbroom Dating Now? Lets Explore The Romantic Life Of Landon With Shyla Walker!

Landon McBroom, the famous YouTube star and social media influencer, has captured the hearts of many with his charismatic personality and entertaining content. With a massive following on Instagram and TikTok, fans are always curious about his personal life, particularly when it comes to his dating life. As he continues to fame, people want to know who Landon McBroom is currently dating or if he is single. In this article, we will explore all there is to know about Landon McBroom’s love life and untangle the rumors surrounding his relationships.

Who Is Landon Mcbroom?

Landon McBroom is an internet celebrity born in California on September 26, 1996. Landon McBroom is an American social media personality who rose to prominence through his ‘YouTube’ channel ‘THIS IS L&S’. His girlfriend Shyla, also known as ‘SimplyShyla’ on social media, collaborates with him on the track. The majority of the channel’s content focuses on their relationship. The channel’s impressive number of subscribers is due to the channel’s humorous videos. Landon maintains a personal Instagram account with more than 371,000 followers. Additionally, he is known as the brother of the famous “NCAA” basketball player Austin. 


Is Landon Mcbroom Daring Anyone?

As of May 2023, Landon Mcbroom is unmarried and unattached at present. He was involved with his long-term girlfriend Shyla Walker. In 2016, they met for the first time on Instagram. In 2017, they debuted their popular YouTube channel, This is L&S. Landon and Shyla briefly ended their relationship in the same year before reconciling.

Landon McBroom, well-known for his online presence, has endured a roller coaster in his personal life. While his past relationship with Shyla Walker ended on a rocky note, the social media star now faces a new chapter in his dating life, waiting for the right person to enter his world and share his future adventures.


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Love Blossoms: Landon and Shyla’s Relationship

Landon’s romantic journey began when he met Shyla through Twitter. Initially friends, their bond gradually transformed into a love affair. In 2017, they launched their popular channel, This is L&S. Although they briefly broke up that same year, they soon reconciled. During their relationship, Landon not only shared his professional endeavors with Shyla but also embraced a role in the life of Shyla’s daughter, Soul. However, after five years of ups and downs, the couple parted ways in May 2021 due to severe circumstances. Shyla now has legal custody of her daughter, and the reasons behind their breakup are yet to be revealed.


Troubled Times: Allegations and Restraining Order

This year, Shyla Walker ended her relationship with Landon McBroom, alleging domestic violence and kidnapping. The court issued a restraining order against Landon, requiring him to stay 100 feet away from Shyla and her daughter. Shyla publicly accused Landon of physical assault and attempted kidnapping on her Instagram account. However, she later allowed Landon to maintain a relationship with Soul by lifting the restraining order, which raised some questions and left people intrigued about the situation. Shyla now controls the entire YouTube channel, as all previous videos have been removed, except for one titled “The End Of This Is L&S.”


Landon McBroom’s fans and followers are left pondering his current dating status as the dust settles on their turbulent relationship. With the end of his previous relationship, Landon’s love life remains an open question, and only time will reveal who he chooses to share his journey with in the future.

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