Top 10 Uncut Web Series To Watch in India [2023]

Have you been itching to watch some edgy Indian web series but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. We scoured the Internet to find the boldest and most uncut web series from India that push the envelope in terms of content and themes. Whether you’re in the mood for political satire, coming of age stories, or crime thrillers, these raw, unfiltered shows have something for everyone. From TVF Pitchers to Mirzapur, these uncut web series showcase the creative talents taking risks in India’s burgeoning digital entertainment scene. So get ready to binge on some seriously addictive content – but be warned, these shows are not for the faint of heart. If you like your entertainment unadulterated and hard-hitting, read on for our list of the top uncut web series from India that you need to start streaming right now.

Below is a list of Top Uncut Web Series in India:

Web Series Streaming Platform
Gandii Baat ALT Balaji
Made in Heaven Amazon Prime Video
Sacred Games Netflix
Mirzapur Amazon Prime Video
A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend
Bang Baaja Baaraat
Official Chukyagiri
Ghoul Netflix
X.X.X ALTBalaji
Ragini MMS: Returns ALTBalaji
Gandii Baat ALTBalaji
Mirzapur Amazon Prime Video
Sacred Games Netflix
Ghoul Netflix
Smoke Eros Now
Made in Heaven
Delhi Crime
Sacred Games
The Climb
Metro Park
Aani Kay Hava
Gandii Baat ALTBalaji
XXX MX Player
Charmsukh Ullu
Ragini MMS Returns ALTBalaji
Aashram MX Player



Uncut Web Series With Shocking Scenes and Dialogs

Some web series today are pushing the envelope with uncut, uncensored content and dialog. Here are some of the grittiest Indian web series that feature shocking scenes and unfiltered language.

Gandii Baat (2018-Present)

Uncut Web Series

This er*tic anthology series on ALTBalaji explores sensual stories of love and lust. Each episode features a different cast and director, with steamy scenes and scandalous plots. Nothing is off limits in this uncut web series that has spawned several seasons. Watch on ALT Balaji

X.X.X (2019)

Uncut Web Series

As the title suggests, this MX Player series is full of provocative scenes and conversations. It follows the story of a small-town girl who moves to Mumbai to follow her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She gets caught up in the seedy underbelly of the modeling industry, forced into uncomfortable situations in her quest for success. This raw glimpse into the dark side of glamor left audiences stunned.

Charmsukh (2020-Present)

Uncut Web Series

Yet another er*tic anthology series, this time on Ullu. Each episode explores a different tale of seduction and forbidden relationships. Like Gandii Baat, it holds nothing back in its depiction of passion and lust. The series is meant solely for mature audiences, with its liberal use of cuss words and sensual scenes. Watch on ULLU APP

Ragini MMS Returns (2017)

Uncut Web Series

This ALTBalaji horror-thriller is a sequel to the popular Ragini MMS film franchise. It picks up where the movies left off, continuing the story of the haunted Ragini Sharma. In addition to spooky scares, the web series also features some steamy scenes and profane language as characters explore their desires.

While these gritty web series are meant for open-minded, adult audiences, some viewers argue that they cross the line of good taste at times. They do provide an unfiltered look into topics that have traditionally been taboo in Indian media. If you’re looking to push the envelope, these uncut web series will take you into uncharted territory. But be prepared for some shocking content! Watch on Jio Cinema

Aashram (MX Player):

Uncut Web Series

This crime drama series is set in an ashram and follows the story of a guru who is accused of s#xual abuse. The series is known for its dark and disturbing content.

FAQs About Uncut Web Series in India

Web series have pushed the envelope in terms of content and themes in India. If you’re new to the world of uncut web series, you probably have some questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about uncut web series in India:

### Are uncut web series legal in India?

Yes, uncut web series that release on online streaming platforms like ALTBalaji, Ullu, Kooku, and MX Player are legal in India. These platforms are self-regulated and follow certain content guidelines. However, some more explicit uncut web series may face legal issues or censorship.

How can I watch uncut web series for free?

Some uncut web series are available to watch for free on YouTube and other open streaming sites. However, the full seasons are usually only available on paid streaming platforms. Some options to watch for free include:

  • Wait for episodes to release on YouTube after the season has ended. Some platforms release full episodes for promotional purposes.
  • Check if any episodes are available on open streaming sites like Dailymotion or Vimeo. These are uploaded by users and the content availability changes frequently.
  • See if any episodes have been shared to file hosting and sharing platforms like Google Drive. Again, content availability is not consistent.

Are uncut web series safe to watch?

Uncut web series often feature mature content, language, and graphic s*xuality which may not be suitable or appropriate for all audiences. Use your discretion when deciding to view this type of content. Streaming platforms do have parental controls and content ratings to help determine if the series is age-appropriate.

How often do new uncut web series release?

Most streaming platforms in India release new uncut web series and new episodes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The release frequency depends on the platform and popularity of the show. Some of the most viewed uncut web series like Gandii Baat release new seasons every few months with 6-8 episodes in each season.

What are some of the most popular uncut web series?

Some of the most popular uncut web series in India are Gandii Baat, XXX, Ragini MMS Returns, and Kamasutra. These series feature bold, edgy and sensual content that resonates with young Indian audiences looking for unique stories and themes in the digital space.


So there you have it, the best uncut web series in India that are doing something different. These shows aren’t afraid to push boundaries and tackle topics that make some uncomfortable. They give us a glimpse into lives and worlds we may never experience firsthand. While not always an easy watch, these raw, gritty stories can be an important mirror for society. If you’re looking for content that challenges you and subverts expectations, give these unconventional Indian web series a try. You might just find a new favorite show that opens your eyes in the process.

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