Troppo Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More!

Troppo is a crime drama series that follows the adventures of detective Ted Conkaffey, who is accused of a brutal crime he didn’t commit. He runs away to the tropical town of Crimson Lake, where he teams up with private investigator Amanda Pharrell to solve local secrets.

It is Based on Candice Fox’s book, Troppo’s first season premiered on ABC in 2021 and was well-received by both reviewers and viewers. After the first season’s success, fans can’t wait for Season 2 to come out. In this article we tell you everything about the Troppo Season 2 including the release date, cast, plot, trailer & more!

Troppo season 2

Troppo Season 2: Renewed Or Cancelled

According to sources, Troppo Season 2 is not renewed yet. The show’s creators have yet to say if it will be renewed. We must wait until we hear something official, even though it’s hard. But don’t worry; there’s a good chance that loyal fans will listen to good news before the end of the year. Thomas Jane confirmed to Small Screen that Season 2 is coming, and there is already a room full of writers working on Season 2. He also said he loved working on Troppo and was looking forward to shooting in Australia.

Troppo Season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled

Troppo Season 2: Potential Release Date

Accoridng to sources, We don’t know when Troppo Season 2 will come out because it has yet to be officially announced (except by Thomas Jane). But we can make some good guesses based on the plan and production schedule for the last season.

The first season of Troppo started in February 2022 on ABC TV, and on May 20, 2022, it began on Amazon Freevee. It was made up of eight parts that were filmed in Queensland from October to December 2021. If Season 2 follows the same trend as Season 1, we can expect it to start filming in late 2023 or early 2024. That means that Season 2 of Troppo could come out on ABC TV in the middle or end of 2024 and then a few months later on Amazon Freevee.

Troppo Season 2: Potential Cast

If Ted and Amanda made it through the gunfight, which we hope they did, we can expect Thomas Jane and Nicole Chamoun to play them again. David Lyons joins them as Damford, Sun Park as Yoon Sun, Ling Cooper Tang as Hench, Wendy P. Mocke as Maali, Yerin Ha as Ah Rah, Kate Beahan as Olivia, Thomas Weatherall as Charlie, Chenoa Deemal as Budd, Lucas Linehan as Milbee, Angela Punch McGregor as Dr Val, Damien Garvey as Roy, Peta Wilson as Eve, Miranda Frangou as Georgie, Chris Alosio as Jayjay, Sara West as Brooke, and Cramer Cain as Wayne.

Some of these people may not be in Season 2 because of what happened to them in Season 1. We can also expect some new people to join the group as Ted and Amanda’s new friends or foes.

Troppo Season 2 Potential Cast

Troppo Season 2 Plot: What Happen Next?

The first season of Troppo went out with a bang. Ted Conkaffey (Thomas Jane), a disgraced ex-cop who was wrongly accused of a frightening crime, and Amanda Pharrell (Nicole Chamoun), an eccentric private investigator with a criminal record, solved the case of missing Korean family man and computer pioneer Yoon Sun (Sun Park).

But their victory didn’t last long because they were caught in the middle of a shootout between Twist (Ling Cooper Tang), the ruthless drug boss who was responsible for Yoon Sun’s disappearance, and Bryce (Damien Garvey), the corrupt cop who was working for him.

In the last scene, Ted and Amanda ran for cover as shots surrounded them. Did they get to safety? Who else made it out of the mess? What will happen to Bryce and Twist? The second season of Troppo will have to answer some of these questions. As Ted and Amanda take on new cases in the wilds of Far North Queensland, we can expect more action, drama, and mystery. And maybe they’ll even fall in love.

Troppo Season 2 Plot What Happen Next

Where To Watch Troppo Season 2?

You can watch the first season of Troppo on Amazon Prime Video. Once the 2 season of Troppo is released, you will be able to watch it on the same platform.

Is There Any Trailer Available For Troppo Season 2?

Unfortunately, there is no trailer available for Troppo Season 2 yet. There shouldn’t be one soon either, since the show hasn’t been officially revived or started filming yet. However for now you can watch the trailer of Troppo season 1, below.

Troppo | Official Trailer

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