Who is Leaving ‘Chicago Fire’? The Exit Stories of Gallo and Brett From the Show

Who is Leaving ‘Chicago Fire’? Fans are worried that Kelly Severide is leaving Chicago Fire again after being absent last season and leaving recently in Season 12. They want to know what will happen to Taylor Kinney’s character in the future of One Chicago.

Who is leaving ‘Chicago Fire’?

Parade says that Blake Gallo was played by Alberto Rosende, who is leaving “Chicago Fire” after four seasons. In addition, Sylvie Brett, played by Kara Killmer, is leaving the show after ten seasons.

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There were rumours that Taylor Kinney’s character, Kelly Severide, would be going, but there is no proof that he will leave. Based on what we know so far, Alberto Rosende and Kara Killmer are the players who have left or are leaving “Chicago Fire.”

What is Brett’s reason for leaving Chicago Fire?

NBC says that She is leaving “Chicago Fire” after ten seasons to be with her boyfriend, Matt Casey. Kara Killmer plays Sylvie Brett. At the start of Season 12, Brett said she would leave Chicago and move to Portland with Casey to start their married life.

After Casey’s sincere proposal and desire to be together full-time, they chose this. Brett also became the formal guardian of her baby girl, Julia, and will be moving with her. Because of this, Brett is leaving “Chicago Fire” because she wants to start a new life with Casey in Portland.

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What is the reason Blake Gallo is leaving Chicago Fire?

EW confirms that Blake Gallo was played by Alberto Rosende, who is leaving “Chicago Fire” after five seasons. Gallo, his character, quit the show in the Season 12 premiere (“Barely Gone”) to move to Michigan and spend time with his new family, whom he met in Season 11.

He made this choice after losing his close family in a terrible house fire as a child, leaving him with few friends and family besides his coworkers at Firehouse 51.

Rosende officially left the show in November 2023. He said that leaving “Chicago Fire” “wasn’t easy,” but he was proud of the story he got to tell and the friends he made there.

Leaving 'Chicago Fire'

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What is Chicago Fire all about?

“Chicago Fire” is a TV drama that follows the personal and professional lives of firemen, rescue workers, and paramedics at Firehouse 51 in Chicago. The show’s launch was on October 10, 2012, and it airs on NBC.

It has been praised for showing Chicago firefighters’ problems and experiences. The show is exciting because it shows the daily risks, feelings, and friendships these hardworking people face. It has a mix of action, drama, and personal stories.

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