Anime Birthdays September: Discover Which Characters Are Born In September!

Welcome to the magical world of anime parties! In this particular version, we go on a fascinating trip through the world of september, where we learn about the lives of interesting people born during this critical month.

Join us as we learn more about their colorful personalities, excellent skills, and fascinating stories that have won the hearts of anime fans worldwide. From exciting adventures to moving stories, anime birthdays in september will help you find the beloved characters born in this particular month. Prepare to be amazed as we reveal the secrets and honor the amazing people who make september a unique month in anime.

Here Is The List Of Anime Characters Who Were Born In September

1. Boa Hancock

In One Piece, the “Pirate Empress” is the most beautiful woman. Boa’s anime birthday is in September because she was born on September 2. She can frighten anyone with her beauty and Mero Mero no Mi devil fruit power. Hancock is known for both her beauty and her strength as a pirate. She has a $80 million reward on her head. But the story of how the anime character went from being a slave to a pirate ruler is what draws people to her.

Boa Hancock

2. Orihime Inoue

In the series Bleach, she is one of the main characters. She is an average person born on September 3 but has excellent spiritual abilities. This girl with orange hair is well-liked because she is beautiful and has a glamorous body. Fans also like her because she is kind and cares about others. She might look weak but she is very good at fighting with her hands. She also has six strong ghosts that protect her.

Orihime Inoue

3. Zenitsu Agatsuma

One of the main characters in demon slayer, this yellow-haired boy, was born on september 3, taisho. Because of how she acts, zenitsu is undoubtedly one of the most liked characters. Zenitsu is a guy who likes to flirt with women but never gets anywhere. He is also a coward with low self-esteem who is always afraid to face a monster. But zenitsu is one of the best swordsmen, and he can be an absolute beast when he’s asleep.

Zenitsu Agatsuma

4. Isao Kondou

In the anime gintoki, isao kondou was in charge of the shinsengumi police force. Because of what he does, he might sound scary. But this guy is one of the funniest people in the show. Kondou was born on september 4, and people called him “Gorilla” because of his appearance. Also, he went to a temple school as a child, where they honored a god who looked like a monkey. Gorilla-san is a police officer but also spends his day following shimura tae around.

Isao Kondou

5. Zoe Hange

Who doesn’t like this crazy giant lover? Zoe Hange was born in the Wall Rose on September 5th. She was the past leader of the Fourth Squad and the 14th commander of the Survey Corps. Everyone loved how active and free-spirited she was. But Hange is not careless just because he is free-spirited. On the other hand, Zoe is one of the best warriors and intelligent. She was in charge of the Titan’s study. She is one of Attack on Titan’s most well-known figures.

Zoe Hange

6. Sango

Sango is a hero who kills demons and is part of the Inuyasha series. She knows all the rites, chemicals that keep monsters away, and fighting styles needed to defeat them.
Sango grew up in the village of Ykai Taijiya with her father and younger brother. On a mission to kill a spider youkai, the monster would take over her brother or sister. Because demons possessed him, he would destroy their town and kill everyone, including their father. With the help of her loyal two-tailed demon cat and Miroku, Sango wants to kill all year.
Sango has a good heart and wants to keep his family and friends safe. Her story shows how determined she is to reach this goal. This magical shonen fighter has an extensive fan base, and September-born fans have chosen her as one of their favorite characters.

7. Basil Hawkins

Basil is the leader of the Hawkins Pirates. He is well-known for being a pirate, which has earned him a prize of 320 Million. Hawkins was born on September 9 in North Blue. He was part of the “Worst Generation” because of his wrong actions. Like Bonney, he was born in September and is also part of the “Worst Generation.” He became more well-known after being a supporting bad guy in One Piece’s Wano Arc.

Basil Hawkins

8. Miyuki Shirogane

The main character of the series Kaguya-sama: Love is War is Shirogane. He is Mr. Shirogane’s son, born on September 9. Miyuki is also in charge of the student council at Shuchi’in Academy. Fans love it when he fights Kaguya, the vice president, in an unseen war. The two people in charge of the group are interested in each other. But the fact that they are both stubborn and self-centered drives them to say they love each other.

Miyuki Shirogane

9. Gin Ichimaru

He used to be the leader of the Gothic 13’s Third Squad. But he later breaks Soul Society by working with another captain, Sosuke Aizen, to do something terrible. Gin Ichimaru was born in the spirit society on September 10 and is a powerful Shinigami. The fact that he always smiled and seemed mysterious gave us all the creeps. Gin is one of the most well-known bad guys that fans like, and you can find a lot of cosplays of him online.

10. Kyouhei “Dotachin” Kadota

Kyouhei kadota is a member of the dollars street gang. He is a young guy with a lot of charm. He is usually calm and helpful, but he is not afraid to be funny when the situation demands it.
Dotachin’s childhood is shown little in durarara!! He knows how to live and fight well on the streets. Kyouhei cares about his friends and will do anything to keep them safe, like when he saved saki mikajima. Because of how nice he is, he has many friends he can call on for help.
Kyouhei kadota doesn’t seem to be anything special at first glance. He is neither an attractive hero nor a mysterious villain. Instead, kyouhei is the story’s loveable gang leader and moral center. Because of these things, kyouhei kadota is one of our favorite cartoon characters this month.
Gin Ichimaru

11. Kakashi Hatake

Who doesn’t like the naruto series’ copy ninja? Kakashi is sakumo hatake’s son, born on september 15. He is one of the world’s best shinobi. He became the sixth hokage of konohagakure in the end. Team 7, comprised of naruto uzumaki, sakura haruno, and itachi uchiha, also had kakashi as their leader. Many cosplayers dress up as kakashi hatake because he is the series’ most loved and well-known character.

Kakashi Hatake From Naruto

12. Yami Sukehiro

The black bull magic knights leader was born in hino country on september 17th. He is a dangerous guy who often says that someone will die. Many people look down on him since he is not from a royal family. But yami is one of the best magic knights, and he can even cut through dimensions with his dark magic. Yami has a lot of magic power, but he also has superhuman strength, speed, and, of course, he knows how to use a sword.

Yami Sukehiro

13. Charlotte Roselei

The blue rose magic knights leader was born on september 18 in the clover kingdom into the royal roselei family. She is known for her beauty, but don’t be fooled by her looks. She is a solid magic fighter. She is also cold towards guys other than yami. Charlotte has a crush on yami, and she loses her cool when she’s around him. She and yami were born in the same month, and her birthday is the day after yami’s.

Charlotte Roselei

14. Nagato

The leader of the terrorist group was born on september 19, and he is a member of the notorious uzumaki family. When nagato was young, madara put one of his finnegans into him. As a child, nagato was kind and quiet. After his friend yahiko died, though, he became cold and angry. Nagato could be one of the most influential people in the naruto story. Still, people liked him as a person. Nagato taught us how important it is to hate, keep the peace, and get even.


15. Kotaro Bokuto

He is one of japan’s top five aces. Bokuto was born on september 20, 1994, a september anime birthday. He is the best player on the fukurodani academy volleyball team. Haikyuu fans liked his character because he was lively, childlike, and wanted to play. But being a solid ace and acting like a child doesn’t make him so popular. But his mood swings are what made him famous. A small thing can make him play badly and feel bad about himself, and the same thing happens when he’s down.

Kotaro Bokuto

16. Aokiji

He used to be an admiral in the marines. Aokiji has a september anime birthday because he was born in south blue on september 21. He takes things easy and doesn’t worry about much. So, many people need help understanding how he can be a marine admiral. But don’t take him for a weak marine because he’s one of the best. Kuzan can freeze a whole lake or big waves with the power of the hie hie no mi devil fruit.

He can also freeze his body. He was the bad guy during the long ring long land arc and the marineford arc. Also, he quit the marines and joined the blackbeard pirates after sakazuki beat him out for the job of fleet admiral.


17. Shikamaru Nara

He is one of the smartest shinobi in konoha. Naruto uzumaki, the seventh hokage, chose him to be his assistant because he is brilliant. He was born on september 22, in konoha, to shikaku and yoshino nara. Everyone takes him for granted because of how lazy he is. But he is one of the most powerful shinobi in the town. He also knows the rare shadow style of ninjutsu like the back of his hand. He is the boss of the nara clan and also helps the hokage.

Shikamaru Nara

18. Ino Yamanaka

She is a skilled kunoichi from konoha. She was born on september 23 to inoichi yamanaka and his wife. She has the same birthday as shikamaru’s son shikadai, who is also on her team. Ino is very good at using the mind ninjutsu of her clan, the yamanaka. She becomes the leader of konoha’s barrier and analysis team. Aside from her skills, ino is known for how pretty she is. Fans also love seeing her compete with her best friend from childhood, sakura haruno.

Ino Yamanaka

19. Shikadai Nara

Shikadai is shikamaru nara and temari nara’s son. He was born in konoha on september 23. He is lazy like his dad but also intelligent like his dad. Also, shikadai’s birthday is the day after that his father’s. Shikadai is very good at shadow-style and wind-style ninjutsu, which he learned from his parents. He is 12 years old. Fans of naruto also paid attention to shikadai, just like they did to his father.

Shikadai Nara

20. Momo Yaoyorozu

She is one of the best ua high school kids. Momo’s anime birthday is in september because she was born in the aichi prefecture on september 23. She has the quirk creati, which lets her make anything that isn’t alive out of her body fat. She was a good student, so she had excellent fighting skills and a lot of intelligence. Momo is also a natural leader because she can stay calm and lead her friends in dangerous situations. Momo is well-known among fans not only because of her skills and attitude but also because of how she looks. Momo yaoyorozu cosplays can be found on the internet.

Momo Yaoyorozu

21. Joseph Joestar

He is one of jojo’s bizarre adventure’s most well-known characters. On september 27, he was born to george joestar ii and lisa lisa. People like joseph the most because he is spontaneous, funny, and quick to anger. People never take him seriously because of how he acts. But he is an expert at hamon and later at using a skill called a stand. As joseph gets more significant, he becomes less violent and impulsive, but he still likes to play. Also, joseph has some prejudice against japanese people because her daughter holy joestar married a japanese guy.

Joseph Joestar

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