Top 10 Most Badass Anime Couples Of All Time | Must Watch!

Anime is a form of art that covers a wide range of styles and audiences. Battle shonen and psychological tales are two of the most popular types of anime worldwide. But most anime uses known tropes and side stories, no matter what genre it is. No matter what anime is being talked about, it’s almost certain that one or more characters will have a love story at some point. These plots can be at the story’s center or in the background, but they have given fans some of fiction’s most famous and beautiful couples. This article tells you the Top 10 Most Badass Anime Couples Of All Time.

Top 10 Most Badass Anime Couples Of All Time | Must Watch!

Rank Anime Couple Anime Title
1 Minato and Kushina Naruto
2 Yato and Hiyori Noragami
3 Naruto and Hinata Naruto
4 Yuu and Touko Bloom Into You
5 Ichigo and Orihime Bleach
6 Vegeta and Bulma Dragon Ball Z
7 Legoshi and Haru Beastars
8 Meliodas and Elizabeth Seven Deadly Sins
9 Light and Misa Death Note
10 Takagi and Kaya Bakuman

1. Minato And Kushina – Naruto

There are a lot of complaints about how naruto treats its female characters. Women in naruto don’t get as much attention as the men do, and they’re almost always just annoying stereotypes that don’t add anything new to the story.

Kushina fits into one of these typical female characters, but her relationship with minato gave the naruto world a softness and caring that made it feel different. This couple set the tone for the naruto series and became one of the most famous in a short amount of time.

Minato and Kushina - Naruto

2. Yato And Hiyori – Noragami

I wasn’t interested when my partner wanted to watch Noragami because we had so many shows to catch up on. However, as she watched each episode, I became more interested. Here’s a God who sometimes seems childish, rude, and just a jerk, but as you watch him grow and his relationship with Hiyori grow, you can see how kind and loyal he is. When they watch the fireworks together, you can see how much they care about each other, which will be fun to see more of in future seasons.

Yato And Hiyori - Noragami

3. Uzumaki Naruto And Hyuga Hinata – Naruto

Another love we could see coming from a mile away, but it took two shows and a movie before we could finally see them act on it. Hinata was the girl who had loved naruto for years but couldn’t do anything about it because she was too shy and quiet, and naruto was too focused on being the best to notice, which made many fans angry. But when it does happen, you feel like a weight has been lifted because you know these two were meant to be together. The history they share makes for a storybook ending that never really stops, as we see their love continue in boruto: naruto next generations.

Uzumaki Naruto And Hyuga Hinata - Naruto

4. Yuu And Touko – Bloom Into You

In the yuri anime bloom into you, a young girl who likes boys slowly comes to terms with the love of one of her older classmates. Yuu is a character that anime fans who don’t feel or understand romantic desire will find very easy to relate to.

Bloom into you deals with complicated relationships between characters, balancing the feelings of two people who want very different things from each other. Even though yuu and touko’s relationship can be challenging to understand, it always retains its sense of realism and dedication to the characters’ real feelings.

Yuu And Touko - Bloom Into You

5. Ichigo And Orihime – Bleach

Ichigo is a badass with a short temper and a strong will. Even when ichigo is loud, orihime is kind, sensitive, and quiet. Because ichigo loves and cares about his friends, he can let himself fall in love with his friend orihime. You can see this love coming a mile away, and the manga has already shown what their future will be like, but we’ll finally get to see it on screen when the new season comes out.

Ichigo And Orihime - Bleach

6. Vegeta And Bulma – Dragon Ball Z

The story of bulma and vegeta is lovely. If you’ve seen every episode of dragon ball z, you know that when trunks returns from the future, he tells his mother that she is the only one who gets that vegeta is driven by pride. Only bulma knew that he got better because of his pride, though. He has repeatedly shown that he cares about his son, which is valid for bulma.

Vegeta And Bulma - Dragon Ball Z

7. Legoshi And Haru – Beastars

Beastars is one of the most recent anime shows in the last five years. Even though the idea of a society where animals act like people is not new, beastars stands out with its realistic social interactions and refreshingly real characters.

The story is about how legoshi and haru figure out how they feel about each other in a world that doesn’t want a wolf and a rabbit to be together. Their story is difficult, but fans are still drawn to their strange situation.

Legoshi And Haru - Beastars

8. Meliodas And Elizabeth – Seven Deadly Sins

If you’ve seen seven deadly sins, you know that many key characters are fighting for love in one way or another. Meliodas has been punished the most because he has had to watch his sweetheart, elizabeth, die over and over again without being able to stop it because of a curse his father put on him. We only see the couple get married and live happily ever after at the end of the series after they’ve finally beaten the demon king and broken the curse that was keeping them apart.

Meliodas And Elizabeth - Seven Deadly Sins

9. Light And Misa – Death Note

The word “Best” can be used in many different ways. The best couples in anime are the ones that fans find touching and emotionally satisfying. However, some teams become famous for how hard they are to get along with. Even though light and misa are the bad guys in their story, they are a terrible team that managed to shake up the whole world.

Together, the two of them were responsible for the most killings in a row and significantly affected the average crime rate worldwide. They may not be as cute as some other pairs, but they did what they were supposed to do.

Light And Misa - Death Note

10. Takagi And Kaya – Bakuman

Bakuman is a competitive battle shonen story about how to battle shonen manga is made. It is a unique addition to the shonen jump schedule. It shows the two artists who made death note in a made-up world competing with another mangaka to become the most popular and best-selling artist in shonen jump.

But the shonen series is only complete with some romance. Takagi and kaya are the most healthy pair in bakuman. Even though they had their ups and downs, they never forgot how much they loved each other and stayed together until the end.

Takagi And Kaya - Bakuman

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