Demon Slayer: Meet The English Voice Actors Behind Your Favorite Characters

Demon Slayer is an anime that takes place in a world with many demons. Even though this is the case, Tanjiro can live a quiet life with his mother and many siblings until the King of Demons kills them all, except for his younger sister, who is turned into a demon.

Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Corps to find the King of Demons and bring his sister back to life. But the fact that his sister is evil is against the law, and many people want to kill her. With the help of his friends, Tanjiro will get stronger, deal with problems, and become a real demon slayer.

Demon Slayer: Meet The English Voice Actors Behind Your Favorite Characters

1.  Zach Aguilar (Tanjiro Kamado)

Zach Aguilar (Tanjiro Kamado)

The show’s Main character is Tanjiro, a Demon Slayer Corps member. After the King of Demons killed his whole family, except for his sister Nezuko, who turned into a demon, he joined a group of monster hunters.

In the show, his goals are to kill the Demon King and figure out how to turn his sister back into a human. His quest takes him on a long journey where he meets many different people while keeping his sister safe from people who would hurt her because she is evil.

Tanjiro cares about everyone, even demons. It comes naturally to him to focus on everyone, even demons. He fights to protect and defend the weak, even though it often puts him in danger of dying.

Zach Aguilar gives Tanjiro its English name. He can use how he acts to provide the character with a strong sense of idealism, which can be seen in his many heroic actions. Tanjiro is not a one-note character. He often goes from being very excited to be very angry. Zach does a great job of keeping up and showing many emotions.

Zach has a lot of experience with video games and animation. All of these things are part of his role as a Demon Slayer.

2. Aleks Le (Zenitsu Agatsuma )

Aleks Le (Zenitsu Agatsuma )

Zenitsu is a friend of Tanjiro’s and another character in the Demon Slayer series. He is a childish person who often seems a little strange. His behavior is explosive and over the top, and he usually runs away when he is in danger.

One of the most exciting things about the character is that he often falls asleep during battles. Even so, he is strangely more assertive when he isn’t aware of what he is doing, as he can use the power of lightning spectacularly.

In the English dub of the anime, Zenitsu is played by Aleks Le. Before he became the voice actor for Demon Slayer, Aleks mostly played supporting roles, but he’s been getting more parts since then—a Sign of His Increasing Success.

Aleks Le has to be consistently intense to play this character. Zenitsu tends to overreact and do things in a very playful way. To match these habits and show how crazy the character is, the actor needs to play with a lot of energy.

3. Abby Trott (Nezuko Kamado)

Abby Trott (Nezuko Kamado)

Nezuko is Tanjiro’s younger sister, and one of the only two Kamado family members left alive after the King of Demons killed everyone else. His attack turned Nezuko into a monster with much anger, but she quickly overcame it through sheer willpower.

Nezuko doesn’t seem to care much about the world around her and doesn’t seem to remember much about her life as a human. Even though she is a demon, she cares deeply about her brother and often gives up her well-being for his.

Abby Trott is the person who gives Nezuko her voice. As a Demon Slayer, the character usually doesn’t talk, but she makes a lot of other sounds and movements, like grunts and gestures. Trott doesn’t have much to do with Nezuko, but that’s not true. It’s hard work to translate what characters want, how they feel, and how they talk without using language.

Still, Abby has helped make this character well-known and loved by fans. She is using very little speech to show how complicated the nature is.

4. Johnny Yong Bosch (Giyu Tomioka )

Johnny Yong Bosch (Giyu Tomioka )

Giya is the Water Hashira, one of the Demon Slayer characters with the most power. Even though Giya Tomioka seems calm and quiet, he is a driven warrior. He is ready to do whatever needs to be done.

After Nezuko is turned into a demon, Giya meets Tanjiro right away. Giya tries to kill her, but in the end, Nezuko and Tanjiro’s friendship lets her live. Giya’s cold exterior hides the fact that he is usually quick to trust his feelings. This is why he broke his promise to kill demons for the two Kamado siblings.

Johnny Yong Bosch was one of the Power Rangers in his early years. Even though he now has a successful voice-acting career. Before he was one of the voice actors for Demon Slayer, he worked on Devil May Cry, Naruto, and Persona 4, among other things.

5. Bryce Papenbrook (Inosuke Hashibira )

Bryce Papenbrook (Inosuke Hashibira )

Inosuke is another member of the Core Crew and the Demon Slayer Corps. He always tries to prove that he is the strongest person by being aggressive and explosive. Both the way he acts and the way he dresses show that he is a wild person. He is usually seen wearing a boar mask, going shirtless, and wearing only baggy Hakama trousers and a fur belt.

His favorite weapons are two sharp swords and a fighting style that never lets up.

Inosuke is always being rude and violent. It can be hard to show these traits while making your character seem likable and sometimes weak. For Demon Slayer, it’s good that Bryce Papenbrook is a veteran anime voice actor with a long list of prominent roles to choose from. Papenbrook is one of the most versatile voice actors in the anime business. He has played the main character in Sword Art Online, Blue Exorcist, and Attack on Titan.

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