Kamisama Kiss Season 3: Is It Officially Renewed Or Cancelled?

Kamisama Kiss or Kamisama Hajimemashita is a Japanese manga series written by Julietta Suzuki, who also draws pictures. TMS Entertainment made the anime version of the show, and Akitaro Daichi was in charge of it. The show’s first episode aired in October 2012, and it was praised by many people immediately.

The show began in January 2012 and was shown on Funimation and will also have a second season. The second season was revealed and began in 6 January 2015. It has been a long time since there is no news about the Kamisama Kiss Season 3.

As fans of Kamisama Kiss dive deeper into its magical world, they can’t help but wonder: Will there be a Season 3? With rumors and speculations swirling around, the devoted fanbase eagerly awaits an official announcement.

In this article, we’ll explore the latest updates and find out if the beloved series will be renewed for another season or if it has reached its conclusion. Let’s embark on this journey to uncover the fate of Kamisama Kiss Season 3 and discover if we’ll get to experience more enchanting adventures in the future.

Kamisama Kiss Season 3.

Kamisama Kiss Season 3: Is It Officially Renewed Or Cancelled?

According to sources, There is no official news from the creator, Suzuki, or TMS Entertainment studio regarding the renewal of Kamisama Kiss for Season 3.

What Is The Potential Release Date Of Season 3 Of Kamisama Kiss?

As we told you earlier, Kamisama Kiss is not renewed yet, So there is No official release date has been set for Season 3 of Kamisama Kiss. The show first started airing in October 2012. The second season started in Japan on January 6, 2015, and ran until March 31, 2015. Even though that was over eight years ago, there has been no word yet that the show will return for a third season. But fans shouldn’t give up hope just yet, because anime shows have been brought back after many years more than once.

What Is The Potential Release Date Of Season 3 Of Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss Season 3: Potential Cast

Kamisama Kiss contains a large cast of characters, like most anime series, contributing to the show’s amazingness. However, we will limit our discussion to the show’s main characters. To find out more about them, scroll down.

Nanami Momozono is the main character of the show. She is a girl with a hard childhood and many problems, mainly because her father was addicted to gambling. After her father runs into a lot of debt, they are both kicked out of their home, and Nanami’s life goes out of control. But as she struggles to stay alive on the streets, her whole life changes when she steps in to save a man from a dog. Mikage, the person Nanami helped, turns out to be a local Earth god who has given Nanami all of his powers.

Tomoe is a yokai fox and the familiar of Mikage, who used to be the god of Earth. He is upset about the situation, and when he finds out later in the show that Mikage has given all of his powers to Nanami, he is rude and mean to Nanami at first. Later in the show, when Nanami tells Tomoe how she feels about him, he realizes he feels the same way and gives her his love back. Tomoe has shown herself to be an influential person who can quickly stop other familiars from doing anything.

Kamisama Kiss Season 3 Potential Cast

What Is Kamisama Kiss Story?

The anime story follows the character Nanami who lives a tough life, mainly because of her incompetent and gambler father. Nanami and her father are kicked out of the house one day because Nanami’s father lost all his gaming money and could not pay the rent. She starts getting chased by bill collectors. Nanami doesn’t know what to do or how to save herself, so she runs away for a while and ends up living on the streets.

One day, a dog is chasing a man, and she stops the dog and helps the guy. Nanami finds out later in the show that the man’s name is Mikage, and he is a local Earth god. When the man heard Nanami’s story, he gave her all of his celestial powers. Now she has to live an everyday life while also being a divine being.

What Is Kamisama Kiss Story

Is There A Third Season Spoiler Out There Yet?

Since the show has not yet been renewed for a third season, there are no spoilers available for the third season

Where To Watch Kamisama Kiss Season 3?

You can watch the first two seasons on Funimation and Anime-Planet. When the third season is released, you will also be able to watch it on Funimation and Anime-Planet.

Is There A Trailer Available For Kamisama Kiss Season 3?

No there is no trailer available for season 3. You can watch the trailer of Kamisama kiss season 2. Below

Kamisama Kiss season 2 - Official Opening - Kamisama no Kamisama

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