Top 10 Most Racist Anime Characters Of All Time: Don’t Miss It!

Racist Anime has been a recurring theme in the anime medium, with numerous fictional characters embodying prejudice, discrimination, and antagonism towards others based on race or ethnicity. In this article, we delve into the realm of anime and explore the top 10 most racist characters that have left a lasting impact on the genre. According to animegalaxyofficial,  From despising humans to xenophobic tendencies, these characters showcase the dark side of the anime world. Let’s explore their stories and the discriminatory traits that make them stand out.

Top 10 Most Racist Anime Characters

1. Millions Knives – Trigun

Millions Knives, the main antagonist of Trigun, harbors an immeasurable hatred towards humans. His vengeful nature stems from the experiments performed on his older sister, leading to her demise. Despite his hatred towards humans, he shares a complex brotherly relationship with Vash the Stampede, who shows favoritism towards humanity.


2. Power – Chainsaw Man

Power, a narcissistic and self-centered fiend, deeply distrusts humans and considers herself superior to them. She boasts her superiority over fellow devil hunters and often contemplates ways to make humans suffer, further reinforcing her role as a racist character.


3. Danzo Shimura – Naruto

Danzo Shimura, while not explicitly shown as a racist, plays a significant role in the Uchiha genocide and the death of Shisui. He exploits the history of the Uchiha clan as a pretext to have them exterminated, all to obtain their power. His actions raise questions about his motives and the discrimination in the Naruto universe.

 Danzo Shimura - Naruto

4. Adolf Hitler – Fullmetal Alchemist

In “Conqueror of Shamballa,” Adolf Hitler makes a cameo as a minor villain. Known for his real-life war atrocities and racial hatred, Hitler is portrayed as a racist leader who sought to establish Aryan race supremacy. His actions and beliefs resulted in the death of millions during the Holocaust.


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5. Suguru Geto – Jujutsu Kaisen

Suguru Geto, a character from Jujutsu Kaisen, holds a strong disdain for non-sorcerers, often referring to them as “monkeys” and considering them repulsive. He massacred countless civilians in the past due to his repulsion towards humanity, believing that sorcerers represent the superior race.

 Suguru Geto - Jujutsu Kaisen:

6. Nina Einstein – Code Geass

Nina Einstein’s character in Code Geass is marked by a deep-seated fear and helplessness when confronted by Japanese people stemming from a past assault. Her mindset leans towards xenophobia, leading her to harbor intense hatred toward the Japanese. She even invents a destructive weapon that causes the death of millions during the Second Assault on Tokyo Settlement.


7. Tobirama Senju – Naruto

Tobirama Senju, a prominent character in Naruto, is highly critical of the Uchiha clan, considering them a potential threat to Konoha Village. As Hokage, he politically marginalizes the Uchiha and denigrates their abilities. Despite having a trusted Uchiha friend, Tobirama’s actions align him with the ranks of the most racist anime characters.


8. Celestial Dragons – One Piece

In One Piece, the Celestial Dragons represent the pinnacle of arrogance and self-righteousness. These individuals abuse their power as part of the World Government and look down upon those of lower status, referring to them as commoners. Their discriminatory practices, including slavery and an air of superiority, symbolize racism within the series.


9. Frieza – Dragon Ball

Frieza, a notorious character from Dragon Ball, epitomizes racism within the anime realm. He dismissively labels Goku and his allies as “monkeys” due to their Saiyan heritage. Despite their superior capabilities, Frieza refuses to acknowledge them as anything more than filthy creatures. His sadistic nature extends to his derogatory remarks towards deities as well.



10. The Baby – Monster

The Baby, an eccentric and violent character from Monster, exhibits extreme xenophobia and racial superiority. He expresses disgust for perceived racial inferiority and engages in brutal acts of violence. Burning down the Turkish Quarter without remorse, he epitomizes the embodiment of racism within the anime world.



Racism is a recurring theme within the anime medium, depicted through various characters who harbor prejudice, discrimination, and antagonism towards others based on their race or ethnicity. The top 10 most racist anime characters explored in this article showcase the dark side of fictional narratives. Through their actions and beliefs, they serve as a reflection of real-world racism and discrimination. Acknowledging and discussing these portrayals is crucial, fostering a deeper understanding of their impact on audiences and the importance of promoting inclusivity in all forms of media.

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