The 10 Most Brutal Anime Betrayals Of All Time Ranked

BETRAYAL! We all fear this word. The mere thought of being deceived by those closest to us sends chills down our spines. Interestingly, betrayals often originate from friends and family, not from our enemies. After all, how could our foes betray us when their goal is to defeat us? It’s a humorous irony!

Anime has delved into the theme of betrayal extensively, crafting captivating narratives of revenge and redemption. These plot twists, often centered around acts of treachery, can evoke intense emotions from fans. Some viewers adore these shows for their intricate betrayals, while others harbor disdain. In this article, we explore the realm of anime and delve into the ten most brutal betrayals of all time, leaving viewers either enamored or disenchanted.

The 10 Most Brutal Anime Betrayals of All Time Ranked

1. Reiner And Bertholdt Reveal Their True Identities – Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan is a series built on the idea that every turn would bring a new surprise. But Annie wasn’t the only Titan-shifter who got into Paradis. Reiner and Bertholdt did too. This was a surprise that many fans who only watched the anime couldn’t have seen coming.

Since their time in the service, the main cast has seen Reiner as a prominent brother figure. So, when he says matter-of-factly that he is the Armoured Titan, it shakes the world and breaks your heart. To make things even worse, he calls Bertholdt the Colossal Titan. It’s a massive deception, and it only shows a tiny bit of what the heroes will have to deal with in the future.

1. Reiner And Bertholdt Reveal Their True Identities In Attack On Titan

2. Griffith Sacrifices The Band Of Hawk For His God Hand Ambitions – Berserk

Griffith is a compelling character in Berserk, from when he first shows up as a strong fighter to when he turns into the evil Falcon of Light. Even so, Griffith went through a lot of pain when he was locked up and abused.

Because of these terrible events, he went on a path that led him to become the God Hand Femto. When his old mercenary team, the Band of the Hawk, comes to get him out of jail, they are shocked when Griffith kills them so he can be reborn and finally reach his goals.

Griffith Sacrifices The Band Of Hawk For His God Hand Ambitions - Berserk

3. Canute Kills Askeladd – Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is one of my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE cartoons! You can’t help but fall in love with this incredible show because it’s exciting and captivating.

Askeladd is the show’s most well-known and loved character. But in the show’s last episode, the man he had saved, Canute, killed him. He could kill Canute or fight against his land for the King. Askeladd instead chose to kill the King, LOL! He had saved Canute, but he had other plans.

Canute Kills Askeladd

4. Sasuke Joins Orochimaru – Naruto

Sasuke joining Orochimaru was expected because he wanted POWER to reach his goal. What was his plan? Killing Itachi, of course. After fighting Itachi once, he realized that he wouldn’t be able to get stronger by normal means. He needs a CHEAT CODE, and the cheat code was Orochimaru. Even though he knew that Orochimaru wanted his body, he became his disciple.

Naruto and the others tried their hardest to save him, but it was all in vain!! It was the worst insult for Naruto because Sasuke was his best friend.

Sasuke Joins Orochimaru - Naruto

5. Aizen Betrays Soul Society – Bleach

This betrayal may be the most SURPRISE on this list. At this point, we all know that Aizen is the show’s main bad guy. But at the show’s start, he was a completely different guy. He taught Philosophy at a University and was a kind, friendly person.

But he had planned for all of this to happen!! He was waiting for the right time to wipe everything out. If it weren’t for Ichigo, he would have done this quickly with his army of Arrancar and the Espada.

Aizen Betrays Soul Society - Bleach

6. Uchiha Clans Massacre – Naruto

The Uchiha Clans Massacre is one of Naruto’s most TERRIFYING events. I don’t understand why Itachi had no choice but to kill his whole clan. Imagine a 14-year-old boy who had to choose between his country and clan.

Most people hated him in the beginning because there was no actual reason why he murdered his clan. However, in Naruto Shippudden, all of it was explained properly and people started seeing Itachi as a HERO!!

Uchiha Clans Massacre - Naruto

7. Rachel Pushes Bam Over The Edge – Tower Of God

Twenty-Fifth Bam follows his best friend Rachel inside the strange tower they have lived under their whole lives. Even though he can’t find her at first, he promises to see her again so they can leave together.

But Rachel’s situation is better than it seems. Rachel stands up and pushes Bam off the tower’s edge just as she and Bam are about to finish a level. Rachel was jealous of Bam’s fighting skills. She tried to kill her first friend because she was jealous and because she had promised to move up in the world.

Rachel Pushes Bam Over The Edge - Tower Of God

8. Archer Betrays His Younger Self – Fate/Stay Night

Archer’s betrayal of his younger self is one of the more complicated stories of betrayal in anime. Fans were shocked that Rin’s servant in Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works was an older version of Shirou from a different world.

Archer is a Counter Guardian, and he made a deal to go back in time and kill himself before he makes what he now thinks are bad decisions. Even though he didn’t win in the end, it was a memorable part of the story.

Archer Betrays His Younger Self - FateStay Night

9. Villetta Shoots Her Husband, Remaining Loyal To Her Cause – Code Geass

The world of Code Geass is hard on both the characters’ bodies and minds. There is a lot of fighting, confusion, death, and betrayal. But Villetta’s might be the coldest one. The top Nightmare Frame pilot loses her memory after being hit and getting a lot of blood on her brain.

Villetta becomes Chigusa and marries the man who has cared for her. The leader of the Japanese resistance group, Kaname Ohgi, is also the man in the picture. They stay married until she remembers who she was and returns to her old self. As Villetta once more, she shoots Ohgi because she is still committed to her cause.

Villetta Shoots Her Husband, Remaining Loyal To Her Cause - Code Geass

10. Annie Leonhart Is The Female Titan – Attack On Titans

Annie Leonhart was everyone’s favorite character in the first season, and Female Titan was the most hated. Fans hated her even more after she killed everyone on the Levi team.

Annie Leohart Is The Female Titan - Attack On Titans

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