All Attack On Titan Map Explained: Nations, Walls, Districts, and Locations Explained In Detail!

During Episode 86 of Attack on Titan, another map of the world was shown. This made fans think more about the complicated backstory, which we’ve only seen a small part of so far. Here are all the Attack on Titan maps we’ve seen so far, along with information from other sources and fan theories.

This article only talks about the anime and doesn’t give away anything about the manga, except for one map that was in the manga but not in the anime. There are spoilers for up to Episode 86 in this piece. The article contains spoilers up to and including Episode 86 of the anime.

Episode 86: A Collection of Captivating Map Photos

Magath, Hange, Lady Azumabito, Jean, and others look at the plans and talk about how they can give the Hizuru engineers enough time to fix the flying boat so it can take off before the Jaegerists can stop them. They come up with a plan to leave Paradis in a faster boat and fix up a port on the mainland.

But they have to do all of this quickly before Eren’s Rumbling can get to them. We’re told that his Rumbling has already reached the mainland and that Liberio will be destroyed in less than a half-day, which is how long it will take the engineers to fix the boat.

Here’s a close-up of the map as it appears in the anime. Just off the coast of the land that includes Marley, you can see Paradis.

Where Is Shiganshina Located?

Shiganshina district

At the beginning of Attack on Titan, we see Eren, Armin, and Mikasa having a good time in the Shiganshina neighborhood.

This was built on a rocky outcrop on the southern edge of Wall Maria.

Titans were always outside the walls of the city because it was on the outside. However, because they were so tall, the city wasn’t in danger for many years.

This changed when the Colossal Titan came. It was taller than them and broke through the high walls, causing a lot of damage to the city.

The Walls in Paradis Island

Paradis Island

On the Attack on Titan map, the Walls are the three big buildings that King Fritz built to protect the remaining Eldian people from outside threats.

Each of these walls contains distinct neighborhoods and locations where various groups and classes of people reside.

1. Wall Maria

Wall Maria

Wall Maria serves as the outermost barrier protecting Eldia and stands at an impressive height of around 50 meters. Out of the four districts encompassed by Wall Maria, only a single district is widely recognized.

It has four distinct regions, but only one of them is known by name.

Shiganshina District:

Situated to the south of Wall Maria, the Shiganshina District holds significant importance as the dwelling place for the main characters of Attack on Titan – Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert. The narrative of Attack on Titan commences with the intrusion of the Colossal Titan into the walls of the Shiganshina District, which tragically results in the loss of Eren’s mother and numerous others.

Thus, a vicious cycle of vengeance is set in motion.

2. Wall Rose

Wall Rose

In 850, Titans broke through Wall Rose, the second wall.

Eren Yeager later sealed it back with the help of the military after he learned to use his powers.

The districts in this wall are:

  • Utopia District – Located on the North side of the Wall.
  • Karanes District – Towards the East of the Wall.
  • Trost District –As it’s closest to Wall Maria, it’s heavily attacked by Titans because of its location in the South. It was also invaded by the Colossal Titan later on.
  • Krolva District – Placed on the Western side of Wall Rose.

3. Wall Sina

Wall Sina

The innermost of the three protective walls surrounding the Eldians is Wall Sheena. It is home to both the nobles and the impoverished residents, representing two different sides of the coin. While the royals and nobles enjoy living above ground under the protection of the Military Police, there exists an impoverished underground city within the confines of these walls.

Note: Wall Sheena is the official Japanese translation of Wall Sina. Because of this, Wall Sina appears in anime and other media.

Wall Sheena has four districts.

  • Orvud District – This district is located on the north side of the Wall.

Orvud District

  • Stohess District – This district is located on the East side of the wall and has been heavily damaged after Annie Leonhart’s identity was revealed and she went on a rampage.

Stohess District

  • Ehrmich District – The southern part of the Wall.

Ehrmich District

  • Yarckel District – A district on Wall Sina’s western side.



Its’s the capital of Eldia. Mitras was the center of the three walls. A lot of noble families live in Mitras, including the queen. It’s where all government stuff happens.


The city is under Mitras. Underground, on the other hand, is a haven for criminals and poor. It’s the birthplace of Levi Ackerman, the myth, the legend.


4. Hizuru

There’s only one nation on good terms with Eldia, Hizuru.

Nation’s History

For a hundred years, Hizuru has been an ally of Eldia. Hizuru’s shogun’s son became close to King Fritz. Mikasa is also revealed to be a lost descendant of Hizuru’s shogun clan.


A part of the East Sea is occupied by Hizuru. Since there’s a shogun, it’s considered an island.

Which Country Is Hizuru Based On?

As the Shogun occupies the East Sea, it’s easy to think that Hizuru mirrors Japan in real life.

4 Mid-East Allied Forces

The allied force consists of nations that are enemies of Marley, aiming to subdue them due to their possession of the titans. The peninsula is believed to be the location where they are based.

Nation’s History

Marley’s loss of the Colossal Titan and the Female Titan during their operation on Paradis Island presented an opening for the allied forces to gain an upper hand. Despite initially enjoying an advantage and engaging in a fierce battle with anti-titan weaponry, the tables turned in favor of Marley, ultimately granting them the final victory.

As a result, the Mid-East Allied Forces lost their autonomy.


It’s believed that Mid-East Allied Forces are on a peninsula.

Which Country Is Mid-East Allied Forces Based On?

According to the Attack on Titan map, these allies should be India and its neighboring countries since there are several peninsulas in real life.

Fort Slava

Fort Slava boasts a formidable array of anti-titan armaments, solidifying its impregnable defense. Commanding a commanding position atop a lofty hill, this imposing stronghold of the Mid-East Allied Forces strikes fear even in the titan unit of Marley.

Fort Slava

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Q. How many countries are there in Attack on Titan?

In Attack on Titan, there are three countries:

  1. Eldia
  2. Marley
  3. Hizuru

Q. Is AOT based in Germany?

Attack on Titan is not set in Germany, but the Shighansina district on Paradis Island draws inspiration from Nördlingen, a town situated in Bavaria, Germany.

Q. Where is Paradis Island of AOT in real life?

Paradis Island in Attack on Titan, which shares similarities with the actual Madagascar Island, has a counterpart in the Philippines known as Paradis Island.

Q. Is Attack on Titan based on true events?

Yes, Attack on Titan is based on real events.AOT’s creator, Hajime Isayama, has mentioned it a few times.

It also depends on how much you know about our world history. You can only see the similarities if you know the history.

“…the Eldian and Marleyans. They’re really kind of similar to what the Germanic people and Romans went through 2,000 years ago.” – Hajime Isayama in CR interview.

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