5 Reasons Why Black Clover Is Worth Watching in 2023 – All You Need To Know!

When it came out as a manga in 2015 and as an anime series in 2017, Black Clover quickly became well-known among manga fans. Black Clover is one of the most-anticipated shnen manga/anime series of the last ten years. It has great characters and a cool story. The Black Clover anime has four seasons, with the last episode airing at the end of 2021. After the anime ended, a Black Clover movie was revealed.

Even though the anime finished at the end of 2021, there is still a manga series going on about Black Clover. This led to rumors that the anime would continue in the future. Because of this, this piece will talk about why we think Black Clover is a good show.

Check out our reasons to watch this cool anime if you’re interested in this topic. So, let’s get started without further ado!

1. Great Pacing of the Plot That Shōnen Anime Rarely Does These Days

The Black Clover plot

Fillers are one of the main reasons why the stories of some shnen anime get less interesting over time. For example, One Piece did a great job of putting fillers in its story and making them important to the main plot in recent years, while shows like Naruto didn’t include its fillers in their canon.

The anime for Black Clover doesn’t have that many fillers because it adapts the book fully and doesn’t always dedicate time on fillers. Black Clover used extra episodes to make fun stories that added to the backstories of some characters and gave less important ones a chance to shine. When it comes to the main plot, Black Clover follows the normal formula for shnen anime. The main characters are young people who have had a hard time as kids and are willing to give everything they have to reach their ultimate goal.

The story is pretty easy to follow, and it moves along at a good pace. This isn’t anything new, but the simple story and characters have strong foundations that keep fans interested.

Overall, an easy-to-follow but strong tale with a solid foundation is a valid reason why anime enthusiasts should certainly check out Black Clover.

2. Excellent Character Development

Excellent Character Development

This shonen anime follows the same structure as its predecessors and has a good, strong main character/hero that viewers can get behind. Asta, a young orphan reared in an orphanage with Yuno, another orphan, is the focus of this story. Each person is born with a unique energy called mana, which they can use to create magical power. Unfortunately, Asta was not endowed with this talent from birth, but it does not prevent him from achieving his objective of succeeding the current Wizard King. Asta concentrates on improving his physical prowess.

His fellow orphan Yuno is highly gifted and holds strong magic, with a specialization in wind magic. This results in the friendly competition between Asta and Yuno, whose narrative every spectator will support. We’re all fans of underdog tales, and Asta grows significantly as a person. His determination and desire can motivate anyone. When combined with his kind heart, his loud and obnoxious personality from the beginning of the anime changes into a mature and more civilized character who is a truly wonderful and appreciated figure.

There are other characters who do fantastic things that fit the tale really well, but we’ll save that for the paragraph after this one.

3. Excellent Supporting Characters

Good Supporting Characters

As you can see from the fact that we have stated tremendous character development, we don’t just consider supporting characters like Zora, Noelle Silva, and Mimosa Vermillion to be excellent instances of character growth. We’ve seen a lot of anime fall flat over the years, especially recent ones when it comes to portraying side/supporting characters. The most popular shnen anime/manga series in the last 20 years, Naruto, received a lot of flak for its underutilization of side characters, particularly female characters like Ten Ten, Ino, and others who were typically employed as plot devices and aesthetic elements in the anime.

The three characters we’ve just highlighted are wonderful examples of strong supporting characters who don’t overshadow the primary protagonist and steal the show. For instance, Mimosa, a young, wealthy girl with odd idiosyncrasies at first, develops into a key member of her squad because of her skills. Additionally, Mimosa’s character changes for the better thanks to Asta and his love, which also offers her a new direction.

Zora is another fantastic supporting character that developed dramatically. At first, he appears to be just a rogue who constantly “bullies” Asta, but when his friend is in danger, he always has his back. One of the better aspects of the program is him because he has a few interesting story arcs.

4. The Worldbuilding is Amazing

The Worldbuilding is Amazing

Magic is not uncommon in anime, but Black Clover did some great things that made it one of the best magic anime in the world right now. Even though some fans wish that some of the worldbuilding and story points were a little clearer, most of what the Black Clover writers throw at us is easy to figure out.

Different kinds of magic are used in Black Clover Universe. For example, the Diamond Kingdom uses magic weapons to increase its output, and the Heart Kingdom uses natural resources and elements. This is just a small part of all the interesting ideas in Black Clover that bring in millions of fans. Overall, some parts of making the world need a bit more work, but Black Clover is still very interesting as it is.

5. There’s New Content Coming

As we said, the official end of the Black Clover series was at the end of 2021, which surprised fans because the manga is still going strong. Black Clover is one of the most-read books in the world right now, and fans can’t wait for the next chapter to “drop.” Well, don’t worry, because the people who made Black Clover just released a new anime movie that will come out in 2023. If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will.

The movie’s plot is still a mystery, but we’ll soon find out what it’s about, and we can’t wait. Overall, these are the reasons we think you should watch Black Clover. The book is still going strong, and more episodes are on the way. What’s holding you back?

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