Lavon Lewis Net Worth 2023: Explore The Financial Status Of Successful Entrepreneur and Reality TV Star!

Lavon Lewis is a renowned American entrepreneur, author, speaker, and reality TV star. He has made a name for himself through his successful career and diverse ventures. This article delves into Lavon Lewis’ net worth, personal and family life, real estate investments, and social media presence and answers frequently asked questions about him

Lavon Lewis Bio

Real Name Lavon Lewis
Nick Name LaVon Lewis
Popular Name Lavon Lewis Connect Branding
From Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Lives In Atlanta, Georgia, USA
School Name Central High School
Higher Education B.S., Graphic Design & Marketing, MBA
University/ College Name Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, Dartmouth College, University of North Alabama
Nationality Albanian, American
Religion Christian
Hobbies Social Media, Marjeting
Profession Entrepreneur

Lavon Lewis’ Background and Education

 Lavon Lewis was born in the United States in 1981. While not much information is available about his upbringing and parents, Lewis pursued his education in graphic design. He studied at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where he focused on graphic design. 

lavon lewis

Later, he attended Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, earning a B.S. in Graphic Design & Marketing. He also honed his leadership and problem-solving skills at Dartmouth College. In 2023, Lewis completed an MBA from the University of North Alabama.

Lavon Lewis’ Net Worth 2023

According to Legitnetworth, as of 2023, Lavon Lewis’ net worth is estimated to be $1 million. His successful career as a creative director, brand consultant, entrepreneur, and author has contributed to his financial success. Lewis has worked with well-known companies and published a book titled “Today is a Great Day for a WOW Image!” His expertise as a professional speaker has been recognized in various publications, TV shows, and websites.

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Basketball Wives Earnings

TV show Basketball Wives. Her income significantly increased to $1.2 million for the show’s second season. Initially, she earned $75,000 per episode for the first two seasons of Basketball Wives.

Lozada’s rising popularity and influence in the entertainment industry allowed her to negotiate a higher salary, earning $150,000 per episode from the series. For the third season of Basketball Wives, Lozada’s earnings soared to an impressive $1.65 million for her role in the show. This substantial amount significantly contributed to her overall net worth.

Lavon Lewis’ Career

Lewis started his professional journey as a creative director and brand consultant at The Home Depot in 2012, working with the company’s Diversity and Inclusion division. He continued his career at AT&T, Panasonic North America, and IPG, where he served as a creative director and brand consultant, contributing to various projects.

 In September 2010, Lewis founded Connect Branding and Marketing, an advertising agency based in Atlanta. The agency has worked with notable clients such as Home Depot, AT&T, Coca-Cola, and Panasonic, providing branding and marketing services.

Lewis’ Relationship and Engagement

According to eonline, Lavon Lewis is engaged to Evelyn Lozada, a former Basketball Wives star. The couple met on Peacock’s dating show Queens Court and became engaged during the show’s finale episode. Lewis proposed a stunning diamond ring valued at $1.5 million, which Lozada gladly accepted. They plan to marry soon and have already blended their families, as they both have children from previous relationships.


Real Estate, House, and Cars

Lavon Lewis has invested in real estate and owns a luxury condo in Atlanta that he purchased for $425K in 2018. In addition to his real estate ventures, he possesses several cars, including a Mercedes-Benz S-Class worth approximately $100K.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class


Book Publication

In addition to her television career, Lozada ventured into writing. In 2012, she released her book “Inner Circle,” valued at approximately $1 million. This memoir provides insights into her life both before and after her time on Basketball Wives.

These various sources of income, including her earnings from the show and her successful book deal, have contributed to Evelyn Lozada’s overall net worth.

Social Media Presence

Lavon Lewis maintains an active presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms allow him to share updates about his professional endeavors, personal life, and motivational messages. His social media accounts have a significant following, allowing him to connect with a wide audience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lavon Lewis

What is Lavon Lewis’ profession?¬†

Lavon Lewis is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and reality TV star. He is the founder and president of Connect Branding and Marketing.

What is Lavon Lewis’ net worth?¬†

Lavon Lewis’ net worth is approximately $1 million as of 2023.

When did Lavon Lewis and Evelyn Lozada meet?

¬†Lavon Lewis and Evelyn Lozada met on Peacock’s dating show Queens Court, which premiered on March 16th, 2023.

How many children does Lavon Lewis have? 

Lavon Lewis has one son who was born in 2010.

What is the value of the engagement ring Lavon Lewis gave to Evelyn Lozada?

 The engagement ring presented by Lavon Lewis to Evelyn Lozada is worth $1.5 million.

What is Lavon Lewis’ role in Connect Branding and Marketing?

 Lavon Lewis is the founder and president of Connect Branding and Marketing, where he helps businesses with their branding and marketing strategies.


 Lavon Lewis has succeeded as an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and reality TV star. With an estimated net worth of $1 million, he has made a significant impact in the business world and media industry. His engagement with Evelyn Lozada and their plans for marriage demonstrates his commitment to building a fulfilling personal life. Lavon Lewis continues to inspire and connect with a broad audience through his various professional ventures and engaging social media presence.

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