Bigg Boss Malayalam S5 5th week Elimination – Maneesha KS and Devu Evicted from the Show!

The latest list of Bigg Boss contestants includes Akhil Marar, Sagar Surya, Devu (Sreedevi Menon), Cerena Ann Johnson, Junaiz VP, Maneesha KS, Shiju Abdul Rasheed, Anjuz Rosh, and Nadira Mehrin. The Week 5 Eviction Process was over, and Akhil, Anjuz, Cerena, Junaiz, Nadira, Sagar, and Shiju were all safe.

Bigg Boss Season 5 5th week Elimination

The first two people to leave Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 were both eliminated at the same time. In the weekend episode, Mohanlal kicked out contestants Devu and Maneesha. Unlike usual, superstar Mohanlal met the contestants through video conferencing because he was on a family holiday in Japan then. The host started the removal process after talking about some of the essential things in the house last week.

maneesha ks-

At first, the star said that Sagar, Junaiz, Akhil, and Cerena would not leave the house. Further, Nadira, Anjuz, Maneesha, Devu, and Shiju were in the danger zone. After saying that Shiju would stay on the show, the host said that Devu would have to leave.

On the show, they played a film of her best scenes. Devu thanked everyone for the chance and gave Aniyan Midhun her job as a leader. After a while, the host, Mohanlal, surprised everyone by saying it was a double-eviction week and Maneesha was out of the game.

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Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Voting Poll Results Online 5th Week Percentages – 24th April 2023

  • Akhil 34.4% (43 votes)
  • Sagar 15.2% (19 votes)
  • Aishwarya 9.6% (12 votes)
  • Junaiz 8.8% (11 votes)
  • Cerena 8% (10 votes)
  • Nadira 5.6% (7 votes)
  • Shiju 5.6% (7 votes)
  • Sreedevi 4.8% (6 votes)
  • Anjuz 4% (5 votes)
  • Maneesha 4% (5 votes)

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Week Wise Captain List

  • Week 1 – No Captain
  • Week 2 – Akhil
  • Week 3 – Sagar
  • Week 4 – Shobha
  • Week 5 – Shobha

Contestants List Who Get Eliminated 

Maneesha KS 5th week
Devu 5th week
Lachugram (due to bad health) 5th week
Gopika Gopi 4th week
Angeline Maria 3rd week
Hanan Hamid ( Left show due to bad health) 3rd week


bigg boss contestants

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Contestants List

  1. Reneesha Rahiman – Malayalam TV actress
  2. Rinosh George – Singer-Songwriter & Actor.
  3. Cerena Ann Johnson – A Dubai-born MBA student, model and Miss Queen Kerala 2022 winner
  4. ​​Junaiz VP​ – Youtuber, social media influencer and content creator.
  5. Akhil Marar – A Malayalam film director
  6. Anjuz Rosh – TV Actress and VJ.
  7. Maneesha K S – Malayalam Actress and Singer
  8. Aniyan Midhun – Wushu Champion, known as Son of the Arabian Sea
  9. Nadira Mehrin – Transgender Journalist and actress
  10. Aishwarya Suresh – A South African Born Dancer and Actress
  11. Shiju Abdul Rasheed – Film and TV Actor
  12. Sruthi Lakshmi – Film and TV actress
  13. Gopika – A courier agency employee
  14. Sobha Viswanath – An entrepreneur, fashion designer and the founder of a clothing line
  15. Sagar Surya – Film and TV Actor
  16. Vishnu Joshi – A Fitness trainer.
  17. ​​Angeline Mariya​ – A film actress.
  18. Sridevi Menon – Social media influencer known as ‘Viber Good Devu’

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