Who was eliminated in Bigg Boss 17 this week? Eventful Weekend Episodes Witnessed on the Show

Bigg Boss 17, the ultimate reality show, continues its roller-coaster ride with weekly eliminations that add suspense, drama, and unexpected twists to the competition. As contestants navigate the challenges of the house, each week brings forth the nail-biting moment when one participant bids farewell.

The elimination process becomes a crucial juncture, shaping alliances and revealing the dynamics within the house. In this article, we unravel who was eliminated from the season last week followed by the dramatic incidents happening 

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Who was eliminated in Bigg Boss 17 this week?

Economic Times stated that K-pop star Aoora is kicked off of Bigg Boss 17, which shocks Salman Khan and the other contestants. Aoora makes friends with Chintu, Ankita Lokhande, and Arun Mashetty. Aoora gets upset when he doesn’t get Anurag Dobhal’s joke.

He is known for changing the colour of his hair. In India, people love Aoora’s unique take on Bappi Lahiri’s “Jimmy Jimmy” from “Disco Dancer.” When she first came out in 2009, Aoora was in Double-A.

K-pop star Aoora was the most recent contestant to be kicked off Bigg Boss 17. He joined the show as a surprise two weeks ago. In the most recent show, when host Salman Khan called out Aoora’s name, she laughed out loud, which shocked both the host and the other contestants. He hugged each contestant and thanked the host, Salman Khan, for the chance.

Moreover, Ankita Lokhande, being the Captain, was obliged to decide whether Abhishek Kumar has to be eliminated or not, to which she made the decision to send him off.

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Aoora’s Journey within the House

“India is my second home, Jai Hindi,” Aoora said. During his trip, Aoora had problems with Ayesha Khan and even said that she made him feel uncomfortable when she kissed him. Arun Mashetty was Aoora’s speaker in the house, and he got along well.

He also got along with Abhishek Kumar and Munawar Faruqui, Chintu, Mannara Chopra, and Ankita Lokhande. The K-pop star was known for having a lot of different hair colours. He always had other coloured hair in each show.


Aoora got very upset during one show when he couldn’t understand Anurag Dobhal’s joke and started crying. He felt better after Ankita Lokhande hugged him and tried to comfort him.

Aoora, a K-pop star, has been making news and getting everyone’s attention in India with his unique version of Bappi Lahiri’s famous song “Jimmy Jimmy” from the 1982 hit movie “Disco Dancer,” which stars the legendary actor Mithun Chakraborty.

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Ankita Lokhande kicked Abhishek off the show

Siasat says that One of the best parts of Bigg Boss 17 happened last night when host Salman Khan brought back Abhishek Kumar after he was kicked out. In the most recent episode, Ankita Lokhande was asked to decide what to do about Abhishek Kumar’s violent behaviour on the show.

As the house rules said, the actor had to kick him out. She noted that Tehalka, whose real name is Sunny Arya, was kicked off the show because he hit Abhishek Kumar during a fight.

However, host Salman Khan changed the rule and slammed everyone in the house for not ending the battle between Isha Malviya, Samarth Jurel, and Abhishek Kumar.

He even said it was okay for Abhishek to hit Samarth Jurel during the fight because Samarth kept making fun of Abhishek’s mental health. He told Ankita Lokhande that she was acting unfairly and pretending to have a “good heart.” He called her the “fake mahanta ki murat.”

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He then asked the contestants who wanted Abhishek to be back on the show. Most of them said they didn’t want him back. Mostly, everyone in the house spoke out against Abhishek Kumar’s rude behaviour toward them and said he had had problems with everyone.

The Udaariyaan star Abhishek Kumar was brought back into the show even though most of the other housemates had voted against him. People who liked the show responded to what happened on social media. Many people were glad host Salman Khan decided to bring Abhishek back on the show, but some were against it.

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